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  • prajuchettri1 18h

    Depends on u

    If ur wearing the titan or Rolex

    Remember that time is the same

    If u have I phone
    Remember that people

    Calling u won't change

    So its good to live royal
    But don't forget ur past difficulties

    Remember that half of the life passes

    Away of royal person proving that
    They are royal

    So b happy wat u have


  • prajuchettri1 1d

    Who else

    I sweat alot

    Anyone else


  • prajuchettri1 1d

    Just for fun

    Trust me

    If ur not celebrating the festival

    Of fb the couple challenge

    And if ur partner says

    Nani haru jasto k halnu b mature

    Than bhai bolta koi nahi hai

    Samaj lena double crush hai


  • prajuchettri1 1d

    I don't want to fall in love again

    M happy with u

    Till the last breathe of my life


  • prajuchettri1 2d

    Abo harna ho tamasha

    Couple challenge ko

    Kati jana Tie huna ho


  • prajuchettri1 3d

    Dasai special

    Others hurrey we will have new clothes

    And meet our relatives

    People like me

    Kolay laucha naya luga baru auta khasi

    Katnu na ghar ma

    Jadina ama mo mama ko ma

    Baru eklai bhutwa khadai baschu khasi ko


  • prajuchettri1 3d

    Ani vana

    Dasai ko luga kiniou

    Ya kinna baki nai cha


  • prajuchettri1 4d

    Uii bhai maro mujha

    Jisna ajkal Dubai ka sakaal map pe nahi dekha

    Uska bio me lives in United Arab country



  • prajuchettri1 5d

    Good night

    Ghumukka vayara sutna ho abo


  • prajuchettri1 1w

    Fact of online relationships

    If u have met in fb

    Trust me after u get the number

    U will txt in WhatsApp only

    Rather than fb

    U will just check fb and take screen shot

    And say wat is this in watsapp