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  • pranav7995 2d

    Ab baat hoti hai, baatein nai..

  • pranav7995 3d

    Seeing you beneath me, playing with my hard muscle with your fingers, putting it between those jigglers, kissing it and letting it grow inside your mouth was all pleasure for me .

  • pranav7995 5d

    There have been times when I want to feast upon you like an wild animal, leaving your body with scars of my authority, see you bleed my love, let my fingers be the master of your shaved cat and hear you moan out loud.

  • pranav7995 1w

    Ab pata nai is zindagi se Kya chayiye, Jo apna tha vo bhi gaya.

  • pranav7995 2w

    You wrapped in my arms naked,
    I start to kissing your neck,
    You felt ticklish but you loved it,
    that smile on your face was your approval.

    My fingers started playing on you,
    the sudden spank you didn't expect that
    but it was my trick, I played my card well,
    The way you screamed & bit me
    I will take that as your approval.

    You did not wanted me free you
    from my arms because everytime
    I tried you played your trick,
    squashed my face between your
    jigglers and let me feed on them.

    Your innocent face deceived me,
    I failed everytime whenever I tried
    to know your true intentions,
    you always wanted me to be wild & rough,
    but I wanted to comfort you.

    I knew your fantasies, but I
    Wanted to you to choose,
    a quick make out on the kitchen top
    Or under shower slow & steady.
    Which one is it gonna be ?

    I was getting a bit anxious to
    hear you moan, the wet lips of yours
    were urging me to serve them,
    and I was more than pleased
    to take care Of them.

    Living up to your expectations,
    Was all that mattered to me,
    even if it meant to up the
    thrust, seeing you smile
    At the end of it was my

  • pranav7995 2w

    Aaj ek jaane anjane desh se ek paigam aaya hai, khairiyat ka puchne ke bahane, khush tho nai hu kahi zindagi se yeh jaane ke liya aaya hai. 

  • pranav7995 2w

    Dil Bechara 
    Thank you for telling us that if you are in love, you don't need to spend an entire life with that person, you can be in love with their memories, the little things that you used to do make each other happy, it's all about being in present with that person. 

    Life is unpredictable so it's better to have someone in life who makes you realise your life worth and tells you " I love you, I care for you" in ways no one else could. Seri ♥️ .

  • pranav7995 2w

    Dear Immanuel Rajkumar Junior & kizzie Basu, your relationship didn't have "I, we, us" because you both knew it only had to be "Our" , "Seri ♥️" .  

    Ek tha Raja, Ek thi Rani, Raja mar gaya tho kya 
    Kahaani tho life long ki bana gaya. 

  • pranav7995 3w

    That night when I was with you I couldn't take my eyes from you, as I was looking at you that perfect tight cat of yours turned me up. Next up you bent down to dry up your hair, those two jigglers were making my hands tempt to grab them.The only I thing wanted to do at that time was to make you ride my hard muscle. 

  • pranav7995 3w

    The amount of respect we seek from everyone is proportional to the one person we don't respect & vice versa .