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  • prashansalall 9w

    Never Love Again

    I'll never love again
    I cannot touch someone else body again
    I cannot kiss someone else's lips again
    I can't have that relation with somebody else again!
    I cannot have my heart and my soul attached to someone else again!
    I know I'll never love again.
    I want to re-love again!!

    Prashansa Lall

  • prashansalall 10w


    Still, have the feeling of being loved.
    Still, have the same feeling towards You
    Still, my soul and body longs for You
    You were the reason for my smile
    And still you are the reason of my smile, Whenever seeing Us together in a photograph. Memories passes by my mind. But this stupid Heart doesn't understand that you're gone.
    My lips tries kissing yours but doesn't know that it's Just a PHOTOGRAPH with your smiling face!
    I hate that why I still love you
    I still can't understand why I need you but,