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  • pratheeksha_m 1d

    The best healer is time. It is the only long-standing, effective drug that painlessly heals all pains.


  • pratheeksha_m 5w

    "You have to be completely broken and lost to find your true self isn't it?", asked her colleague, heart-searching.

    "Of course, there's no doubt in it! You always find yourself nurturing, evolving and becoming wise in the most difficult times, like when you have nowhere to go and no one to give you solace, except you. And when you finally realize that the only person who can genuinely help you is you!"


  • pratheeksha_m 10w

    But my darling, sometimes, you got to drench in the rain to appreciate what warmth feels like.


  • pratheeksha_m 13w

    To my Superhero,

    From fighting some of the life's toughest battles to dealing with unforeseen heartbreaks, you always instilled in me the hope that life is all about getting up steady despite the pitfalls. Thanks, Maa! I don't know what would I have done without you. You mean the world to me! A very Happy Mother's Day!

    Lots and lots of love,


  • pratheeksha_m 21w

    "True love is being inseparable in the chaos", he professed with immense pride.

    "True love is being inseparable despite the chaos", she corrected in despondence.


  • pratheeksha_m 25w

    "The sight was overtly mesmerizing."
    "You must have captured it, I am sure!"
    "I just couldn't take my eyes off. A few things in life are to be enjoyed as it is. No filter, no presumptions."


  • pratheeksha_m 26w

    "Shopping, pubs, dates?"
    "Nope. Books, travel, sleep."

    Not all flowers bloom in the same place.


  • pratheeksha_m 27w

    "Being calm after a breakup is inconceivable", her colleagues mocked.

    "Of course, but not when you finally realize that your companion does see you but fails to see through you", she spurted.


  • pratheeksha_m 28w

    "Life is really chaotic, you see."
    "No, bro. Life is pretty simple."
    "All you need is..."
    "A caring and supportive family?"
    "Not really, just a few trustworthy friends who will stand by you, no matter how messy your life gets."


  • pratheeksha_m 29w

    The ride isn't enervating, it's the composure to wait for the right view that reinvigorates your soul while on your journey.