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  • pratyush_ 88w

    Was it her beautiful face?
    Or a glimpse of moon?


  • pratyush_ 100w

    Wo jo tum school me apne B'day pe chocolates distribute karte time dosto se chhupa ke use zyada chocolates deti thi na? Wo tha Pyaar.

    Wo jo tum Class ka monitor hone ke Baad bhi uske baat karne pe, teachers se uski complain nahi karte the na, Wo tha Pyaar.

    Wo jo tum ye pata karke ki wo bus stop se bus kitne baje pakadti hai aur fir us bus stop pe theek uske pehle pahuch jaate ho taaki uske saath same bus me college ja sako, Wo hai Pyaar.

    Wo jo tum Dosto ke saath night out karte time sabke force karne ke Baad bhi drinks ko Haath nahi lagate kyunki tumhe pata hai use tumhara peena pasand nahi ,Wo hai Pyaar.

    Apne enjoyment ke liye kisi ke saath rehna Pyaar nahi hai.

    Apne time pass ke liye kisi ki feelings ke saath khelna, Pyaar nahi hai.

    Pehle pyaar ko samajh to jaao fir kar lena Pyaar kyunki Pyaar karna har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi.

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    (An innocent feeling)

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  • pratyush_ 105w

    He was roaming around on the street. Miles away from her. Yet their hearts are connected to each other. While walking beside a lake, He saw a couple and that reminded him of Her. So he decided to text her.
    "Hello, there. I know you are busy and I shouldn't disturb you right now. But is it just me or you also think that our love is increasing day by day?"
    . "Well, Day by Day ? Mr. I think it's increasing every minute. I know it sounds clingy but if you want to know my point of view, this is what I think and trust me with you there, by my side all the time, It will keep on increasing till eternity."
    "Come'on, You can't be more sweet than me all the time. Everytime I try to say something to make you smile, you endup increasing my smile by saying something more beautiful."
    "Ahan, so you're now taking it as a competition . Let me tell you, you are never going to win because after being with you for months,  even I have learnt the ways of making you smile. Just like you do, all the time."
    "You can't win. After all you're still a learner. Wait until I come up with the new ideas."
    " Anyways, I see girls are being clingy with you. And somewhere in my heart, I have the fear of losing you."
    "See who is jealous now... (with laughing emoji) Jokes apart, Don't worry about it. This is something which increases my belief upon us everyday. Being surrounded by girls all the time, Yet Nothing can take my mind away from your thoughts, even for a minute. So, You shouldn't be afraid. If you want I'll label myself as taken xD"
    "I am afraid because that's how we started. Just with a chat. And what if you find someone more cute ? Where will I go? Looking for someone, as sweet as you. "
    "More cute than you? Have you seen your eyes?  They are deeper than the oceans and I'm lost into them. And I never want to find a way out of them. Because by losing myself into your eyes, I found out what happiness is. Believe me, No one is half cute as you are."
    "You just need a chance to write something, Right? Always looking for the ways of calming the waves of emotions going in heart. You fill me up with positivity. You make me believe you are not one of those who leave."
    Miles away, yet they never lose a single chance of making each other smile. And this was enough to strengthen their bond everyday. Their love was love beyond boundaries.

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    Love beyond boundaries


    (fictional story)
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  • pratyush_ 107w

    It was her birthday. I left my office, walking towards the railway station. My phone rang and I was greeted by her grumpy voice saying, "We have a 9:30 show to attend. For goodness sake, come home as early as possible. ELSE, HELL IS SURE TO BREAK LOOSE!" I looked sideways, there weren't any trains. I gazed at my watch anxiously. "It's 9:15!! Yes, hell is sure to break loose." I told myself. I hopped into an OLA, praying that I'd make it.

    As expected, I couldn't make it. I reached home by 9:45 and she was there by the doorway, waiting to pounce on me like a hungry leopard. "YOU!" She roared and gave me one of her lethal pinch. I went into our bedroom and saw her new black dress lying on the bed. "Damn. She was quite serious about the movie plan." I sighed. I peeped out of the bedroom, she was on the sofa, her eyes had gone red. "Time for my surprise." I giggled to myself. I unwrapped a tiny muffin and lit an equally tiny candle over it. "Happy birthday love.." I sang. "I'm not talking to you. Hmph." She said and looked away.

    I kissed her lips. "Those are mine." I smiled. She grinned like an idiot. We gobbled up the cake. "Damn, I can't even hate you." She giggled and rested her head on my shoulder. "Wait wait. Another surprise awaits you." I told her. With that, I ran into the bedroom and brought out the guitar. I held her hand and we both sat in the balcony. I hadn't changed my clothes and was still in my office attire. I sang, obviously messing up the cords. She laughed to see me fumble but that was enough to bring a smile on her face. I went on singing, her cheeks went pink.

    The balcony light was dim, it made the atmosphere more romantic. She brought me closer and I laid my head on her lap. "I love you so much." She sobbed quietly. Even my eyes had gone moist. My tongue hunted for words but it found none. "You know. I prefer dying this way. On your lap." I sighed. "Dare if you say such things." She slapped me lightly. "Death is miles away. This moment is ours. Yes, we're sure to die. But death should lose against our love." She smiled.

    And that day,
    Our hold grew stronger.
    Eternity was proven right.
    Death fell a victim to our love.

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    The tiny muffin.

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    (Fictional story)


  • pratyush_ 108w

    Every little trace he erased of her from his wildest memories and Life,
    Until his phone rang up with a reminder of her birthday set months ago.


  • pratyush_ 109w

    "How long will you love me? hmm?" wife asked to husband on valentine day.

    Husband bought seven beautiful flowers and said gifting to her, "I will love you till the last flower would wither"

    One of flower was an artificial one.


  • pratyush_ 110w

    "Ishq Karke to Dekho"
    Tum Ishq karke to dekho hum seekh jayenge dooriyon me tumhe jeena. Kyunki Humne to kar li hai beinteha Mohhabat tumse, Intezaar hai to ab us waqt ka jab Ishq Ka nasha tumhe chadhega.

    Haan maante hai hum naadan hai nahi aata hume auro ki tarah Pyaar jatana, Magar tum Ishq Karke to Dekho, Hum jee jaan laga denge tumhari muskan ki hifazat karne ke liye.

    Theek kehte hai log sayad, Nahi samajhte hum Pyaar Ko, Magar tum Ishq Karke to Dekho, Tumhe khush rakhne ko hum apni zindagi ka maksad bana lenge.

    Chalo maan liya nahi pehente hum dhang ke kapde, ghumte rehte hai hum awaro ki tarah, Magar tum Ishq Karke to Dekho, Tumhari khoobsurati ke aad me sawar lenge hum khud ko.

    Haan nahi hai paise humare pass ki hum mehnge mehnge gifts de tumhe, Magar tum Ishq Karke to Dekho, Dard kya hota hai ye mehsus bhi nahi hone denge hum tumhe.

    Haan toota hai dil humara bhi aur ek time tha jab Nafrat karte the hum Pyaar se, Par ab jab hum firse Ishq ko mehsus kar rahe hum ise khona nahi chahte aur tum? Arey tum Ishq karke dekho har baat sunenge hum tumhari bina koi shikayat kiye.

    Kuch baatein hai jo tumse karna chahta hoon, Ek baar fir se mai Mohhabat pe marna chahta hoon, bas tum Ishq Karke Dekho, Hum honge, Humari baatein hongi aur un baaton ki wajah se aayi tumhare chehre pe ek muskaan hogi.

    Bas tum Ishq Karke to Dekho.

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    Ishq karke toh dekho....



  • pratyush_ 113w

    It's me and your memories,
    Strolling through the empty streets.
    It's a pitch dark windy night.
    The breeze seems to bleed my scars again.

    With a slow walking pace,
    I feel your memories shattering me
    I gaze at the moon and feel my eyes wet.
    It reminds me of you.

    Gathering courage, I tell my heart
    "We'll find someone else"
    My shattered heart gives a sigh and says,
    "By leaving the one we really longed for?" I start walking towards my home.
    With my heart bleeding from inside.
    And I lie on the bed with a weary smirk
    Getting ready for another sleepless night.

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    A walk with your memories.

    (Read the poem in the caption)


  • pratyush_ 114w

    Beautiful broken love.. I know you might be puzzled by reading this. Yes, there is beauty embedded in broken love and only few fortunate souls are able to dig it out.

    Yes, when love breaks it is surely painful. But there is some beauty in it. Like when the clock strikes 11:11 pm, you run and stand by the window. You know that the person can never be yours but you still close your eyes and wish for him/her. You may think it is idiotic but if you think over it you can see something very beautiful embedded in it. The beautiful thing is your loyalty. Your loyalty doesn't let you fall for anyone, except for him/her. Isn't that beautiful?

    You proposed and you got rejected. There is something beautiful in this too. The beautiful thing is you don't aim for revenge. You bear that heart wrenching moment with a smile on your face. You don't aim for revenge because deep inside, your heart knows it can never be happy by breaking apart the one that means the world to you. Isn't that beautiful?

    You dream your life with them. Your every dream shatters with that one "No" but you still love them with all your heart. You still wish for their life to be filled with happiness. You wish for their smiling face to never disappear. Most of them will find immense pain in this. The beautiful thing here is 'purity of your love'. Believe me, this purity is hardly seen these days.

    There are many beautiful things even in this broken love. To people whose love wasn't answered, it's okay my friends. You have loved unconditionally. You loved them with all your heart. Yeah, it's unfortunate that they can't be yours. But trust me, at some point even they'll consider themselves fortunate to have someone like you who would love without any expectations. Loving someone without expecting anything in return, isn't that beautiful?

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    Beautiful broken Love...



  • pratyush_ 115w

    "Hey, let's take it to the next level."
    I've seen many people uttering this phrase.

    Today a time has come that people think "Love is nothing but intercourse." It's hard to believe that our minds have deteriorated to that extent. It's hard to believe that we've gone so berserk in quest of satisfaction that we don't even know the difference between the right and wrong.

    Yeah undoubtedly, everybody has an attraction towards their opposite sex. But today, some people just want a physical relationship. They satisfy themselves and leave their partner within a fraction of time. In simple words, it means 'Use & throw'. It's shameful that we play with someone's body in the name of love. It's shameful that we make use of someone's body just for our satisfaction. Even the word 'ruthless' may fall short to describe this act.

    For a moment, just think about the one you cheated. For him/her it would be drastic shock. They let you touch them because they thought you loved them but the poor ones are doomed as you just want an intercourse. While making them yours, you said "I'll always be with you. Our bond will be immortal." You break all those promises. You shatter the dreams they saw. Dreams? Promises? Guess what? You shatter their heart too.

    Love has never been about touch and will never be. Love is about falling for one's nature. Love is about falling for the beauty of one's soul. The beauty of the word forever can't be expressed in words. It resembles immortal love of two souls attached to each other. But unfortunately, our minds have deteriorated too much to understand the purity of love. As unfortunate it may sound, the faith on love has vanished.

    Amazing right? We lay hands on one's body and put the blame on love.

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    Love would make it to the grave.

    Not sure about grave
    but it surely makes it to the bed.