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  • praviarts 6w

    Resulta ng saglitang panunulat kanina #filipino #filipinowriter #mystery #tula

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    Ang Anino sa Talahiban

    Dinayo ko ang kahabaan ng daan
    Madilim at makipot
    Walang tao saanman ako lumingon
    Pagod na rin ang aking mga paa
    Ngunit kailangan ko maglakad

    Nang matunton ang bulwagang-bayan
    Nagsilabasan ang mga kulay
    Langhap ang simoy ng ihaw na may halong pawis
    Pero hindi pa ito ang aking hantungan
    Dadaan pa ako sa kahabaan ng tulay
    Ngunit kailangan ko maglakad nang mabilis

    Ito na ang hinihintay na sandali
    Mailalapag ko na rin ang aking bitbit
    Malaman at mabigat
    Walang tao sa paligid
    Kaya sinimulan na ang paglibing
    At nang malalim na ang bangin
    Doon ko iniwan ang anino sa talahiban

    Walang makakaalam
    *patuloy na naglakad*

  • praviarts 7w

    Loving ain’t easy because we have to learn when we must commit to certain sacrifices. Moreover, we have to balance the demands of the world and our egos; for what sake, and at what cost should we endure all of the anxiety given by moments of affection and misgiving? We are ought to love and be loved, or are we just fools seeking remedy for our loneliness and inconveniences in life?


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    We are ought to love and be loved, or are we just fools seeking remedy for our loneliness and inconveniences in life?

  • praviarts 9w

    little did you know
    you are poetry and prose
    in physical form

  • praviarts 13w

    When all of your frustrations are expressed in the form of passive-aggression, that is when we can consider complicity as an unhealthy way of coping in life. And to constantly maintain this kind of system will only lead to a burst of explosive argumentation.

    The moment we open our untamed mouths, it is going to be a bloody fight. Hurting goes first, and apology comes last. And in between of this chaos is a long pause, like an awkward silence, after the thunderous roars of those who think they are mightier than the other.

  • praviarts 16w

    it is in my veins the pain streams silently;
    then it drives the hate;
    the guilt;
    the rage;
    and the sudden rush of shame,
    that never ever let me sleep at night.

  • praviarts 18w

    so you
    consider this
    a poem huh;

    what an interesting
    taste —

  • praviarts 28w

    Tulala ka nanaman ba?‬

    ‪inaaakit ng dilim‬
    ‪ang mga matang ‬
    ‪laging may bahid ng lihim.‬

    ‪O bakit biglang iwas-tingin?‬

    ‪magbigbigay lang ng sagot‬,
    ‪umaayaw pang sabihin —‬
    ‪Pagod? Bagot? Lungkot?‬

    ‪Ano ba’ng bumabalakid sa isip?‬

    ‪tara kape. may pandesal din dito‬.
    ‪kain tayo kahit konti. idaan natin sa almusal ang damdaming inamag kagabi.‬

  • praviarts 32w

    What if the things you currently have are the “better things” you are actually waiting for?

  • praviarts 38w

    Recently, I found this series called “The Midnight Gospel”, an adult animation series that talks about different aspects of life. It is Psychology- and Philosophy-filled series that really captivated my interest. With this reason, I started to note down my thoughts on each episode. Tried to expound my belief system and ideology, and so far, it has been a great experience for me. Here’s my initial impression regarding its 4th episode:

    This is the most relatable episode for me so far. Forgiveness, in essence, is a peace given and received by the person who desires peace. It is a gesture of recognizing our flaws as a human being and trying to be accountable for the mistakes made.

    One misconception that most people have is, they think an apology is an option to fix easily the problem. When in reality, it is not! Saying ‘sorry’ does not mean it is sort of like a ‘bandaid’ that can take away your pain and viola, you’re healed. Hell NO! Forgiveness is a way to reconnect and reconcile with the relationship being affected by the misgivings and misunderstandings committed by the involved parties. It is, in fact, a part of every corrective measure done to solve the problem. One needs to identify what causes the fault without putting much pressure on who to blame, but rather giving more impetus on how to prevent the problem from happening again — like etiology in a sense.

    “You need the help of others to achieve forgiveness.” And that is something I will agree to. This makes it easier for us to recuperate from the damages we felt from the experience, when social support is present. Because when a difficult situation is dealt solely by an individual, we tend to feel the aloneness in our journey; that makes us more vulnerable from the emotions ready to consume/engulf us to nothingness; thus putting our minds to a dark place. However, when we have the privilege/means of reaching out to people who are willing to listen to our sentiments, it is kinda relieving to know that we are being heard. It has a spirit-boosting element that comforts us on our journey of finding the peace we deserve to have.

    Another thing about forgiveness is, it does not necessarily mean that we are giving the person, who did us wrong, the permission to be back in our life. NO! Forgiveness is not a reclamation of the lost trust, but a reconciliation with the fact that the trust was, indeed, lost. We forgive the person, but never forget the negative behavior made by the same person. However, this is also not an ‘all or nothing’ phenomenon that order us to not give them the chance to give back to us. With the right reasons/intentions, we may allow them to show how truly sincere they are to us. But one question in mind is, would you give them a second chance when all they want is to redeem theirselves for the sake of getting the guilt feelings out of the emotion system? Well, that’s another story to tell.

    Again, forgiveness is an essential tool for humans to prosper and grow characteristically. There is more to learn in life than “to be obsessed over the wrong things that some people did to us.” We must allow ourselves to be free from the shackles of the past traumatic experiences, and live in the glorious moments of the here and now. To begin our journey of healing, it is suggested to find willing and capable people to support and guide us in this critical process of moving on. Knowing that there are compassionate, kind-hearted people (doesn’t matter if those are your friends, family members, or strangers) that are empathically listening to our queries and stories are very helpful and reassuring in a sense. Forgiveness puts our heart at ease in peace after an unfortunate tragedy. One must learn to let go when one is already at its limitation. Forgiveness is one of the satisfying gifts you can give to yourself, however, please remember to do it whenever you are ready.

    #thoughts #themidnightgospel #essay #filipino

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    On Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is not a reclamation of the lost trust, but a reconciliation with the fact that the trust was, indeed, lost.


  • praviarts 42w


    Naisip ko na lumayo
    Mula sa kahapong nagdaan
    Tungo sa lugar...
    .... walang paroroonan
    At kung sakaling lumingon
    Bubuhos ang ulan
    — walang kulog, may kidlat

    Baon ang sariling mga paa
    Yapak-yapak sa dungis-putikan
    Ibabaon sana ang mga alaala
    Ngunit nakalimutang magdala ng pala
    — lintik lang kung maghiganti;
    pipikit pero ‘di aamin;
    kung tama ba o mali;
    sa halip, luha ang inani.

    At kung magbalik man mula sa simula
    Bakas pa rin sa bawat yapak ang burak
    — linisin mo’y mapapagod ka lang;
    linisin mo’t makaklaro ang lahat.