I'm trying to write new stuffs and a budding poet

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  • prayash_goswami 4w

    To this one person I look upto ,
    to this person who shaped my personality,
    to this person who was my first ever friends ,
    to that beautiful mind , to that voice ,to that Stare, to everything you've had ,
    do you know I do crave for you ,
    do you know you live in my deepest and darkest part of my heart ?
    do you know how much I love you ?
    do you know I still remember when I saw you for the last time ?
    do you know you are my hero ?
    do you know you know ?
    I wish I there with you ?
    Why are you so far ?
    Would you take me with you wherever you are ?
    Please hug me for one last time ,
    please let me curres your hair,
    please talk to me.
    please tell me about sun and stars

  • prayash_goswami 14w

    She is like the winter sun ,
    so soft yet so warm,
    she is like his holy water ,
    he beathed in her essence ,
    her eyes gave him comfort ,
    everytime he is down ,
    her voice soothed his soul,
    her presence gave him the courage to face this harsh terrain ,
    she has her invisible hand always with him which he held to cross the thorny paths of life ,
    he always wanted to get lost in her beautiful silky hair ,
    she is the one ,

  • prayash_goswami 18w

    As I stood in the rain, awaiting to hold your hand ,
    your touch enkindles my bruised body ,
    your glance is all I need to fight with the world ,
    you are just like the rain to me ,
    you enrich me just like the rain does to earth ,
    you are like winter sunshine ,
    so soft yet so shuttle ,
    your eyes speaks a millions of words ,
    without even saying ,
    my colloquy can't resonate how exquisite you are ,
    I want you to be part of my triumph ,
    I want you to be a part of my futility .
    Just like rain ,
    You came to me .

  • prayash_goswami 20w


    It was 2:30 in the morning ,
    they were tired ,
    they smoked the last blunt of joint they had ,
    they were not talking for some reason ,
    he held her ,
    he kissed her like he never wanted her to go ,
    she looked into his pain struck eyes ,
    all the beasty feeling she had for him vanished in a single moment ,
    he grabbed her tiny waist ,
    so tight ,
    they were naked metaphorically ,
    they cried about how much they've been through ,
    the opened her hair ,
    she sat like a baby on his lap ,
    he kissed her throat , and they fell asleep
    Knowing how beautiful it is .

  • prayash_goswami 26w

    It was so dark outside ,
    I was hearing wolves hauling ,
    I was hearing them ready to tear me apart ,
    my wounded body was ready for tranquility,
    my tired mind just wanted to keep shut,
    I see all darkness in and outside my soul,
    my body was shutting down slowly but surely,
    all my body wanted was to just end this unbearable pain,
    I crawled over the broken wooden floor of that shack, to grab my gun and to end it all at once ,
    I see can feel the last drop of tear falling from my eyes,
    I never wanted to end it but it was only way out to of misery ,
    I held the trigger to blow my brains apart , and surely I did .
    Not all stories have a happy ending.

  • prayash_goswami 27w

    After this Corona pandemic is over I want to distance myself forever from people who are enjoying the whole situation.

  • prayash_goswami 30w

    Oh mum

    Oh mumaa listen to me mumma,
    Your son is wonded mumma ,
    he is torn into pieces by this big city , mumma ,
    He cries alone mumma ,
    Oh ,he misses those days when he sits on your lap and blabs around, look under uuk
    he seldom is in his sences mumma ,
    he is heart broken mumma ,
    every night he dreams of that home in this big city mumma ,
    I need that place mumma,
    I miss those blank stare we used to keep giving each other in total isolation ,
    oh I miss that time when she said it's just me ,
    I need her mumma ,
    I thrive for her mumma ,
    can I hold her waist for one last time
    Mumma ;)

  • prayash_goswami 37w

    He was like the breeze of air,
    she was like a piece of sand in a sea shore,

  • prayash_goswami 38w

    Let's just be numb,
    let us just stand still for a while ,
    let us just hear our heartbeat,
    let us just feel the cold winter breeze into our faces,
    let us just listen to the innocent bird chirping inside us ,
    let us just live the moment,
    let us just be emphatic to everyone,
    let us not kill anyone,
    let us live human beings for a while ,
    let us just be humble to mother earth ,
    let us just hug our enemies,
    let us live ,
    let us love,
    let us smile,

  • prayash_goswami 44w

    Did we meet in the crossroads of two parallel lines,
    or did we didn't even meet ?
    did we crossed the horizon together ,
    Or we didn't even fly ?
    did I snobbed all the time ?
    Or did we just see the time passing by
    We saw the sun rising together ,
    Or did we just sleep together ?
    Did it hurt me when you let stuffs go ?
    Or was I just sad about something materialistic go away from me ?
    Was it real ?
    Or was it fiction ?
    We never had the answer.