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  • preetkanwal 1d

    #colour #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Image credit to the rightful owner

    Mostly in life choice of colours keeps changing with age n’ time.Colours do play a significant role in one’s life;moulding personality,in mood swings and some colours bring good luck for those who believe in.There is no denying the fact that
    colours highlight our outer personality.
    I have liked n’ loved almost all colours , but now in the sixth decade of my life I’ve fallen in love with blue.
    It has the serenity,depth n’ varied range of emotions of an ocean. It covers the whole sky
    in subtle tones expressing its vastness wherever the eye goes.It gives it’s gentle touch to colourless moving ,flowing waters of rivers,lakes n’ streams. If it’s soothing n’ calm for the minds in summers then it gives warmth of blanket in deeper n’ darker nights of winter in burning coals n bonfires.
    Since aeons it has been flowing on infinite pages writing history,literature,prose,poetry
    worldwide .Its the colour of educators and of all education on this earth.
    It colours my manifold feelings,emotions
    spreading spectrum of hues .

    PREET KANWAL 26.05.2020

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    Blue colour has the serenity,depth n’ varied
    range of emotions of an ocean;
    it covers the whole sky in subtle tones, expressing its vastness wherever the eye goes.


  • preetkanwal 2d

    My poems are like old wood,
    Darling, when you’ll read them
    logs of metaphors
    will give warmth to your cold heart;
    But beware of splinters
    of my soul
    glowing in embers of words
    //inextinguishable poetries......

    ©preetkanwal 25.05.2020

  • preetkanwal 3d

    When your shadow
    on the blind walls
    of my heart;
    //darkness comes to know
    that sun has risen afar......

    ©preetkanwal 24.05.2020
    PC credit goes to sergiosilveira840

  • preetkanwal 4d

    Living in the world of words,
    I traverse whole universe.


  • preetkanwal 5d

    #random #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    O’ weaver,
    I have come to thy wondrous abode
    Threads of my thoughts are entangled
    Yarn of emotions have lost colour
    Fibre of feelings have tough knots
    How do you warp n’ weft so beautifully ?
    //Stitch my wounds with
    metaphors of love
    Sew my torn soul in soothing hues
    with simple haikus
    Highlight my scars with limerick poems
    Teach me the art of weaving dreams o’weaver
    Darn the shreds of my shattered hopes
    into an epic piece of poetry
    //as I am living on a tightrope .

    ©preetkanwal 22.05.2020

  • preetkanwal 1w

    No weight
    is heavier
    the weight
    of wait,

    so keep moving.....

    ©preetkanwal 21.05.2020
    Illustration by Tanya kotnala

  • preetkanwal 1w

    When thoughts settle
    on mind’s tree to rest,
    Unsaid words return
    to their nest
    Poetry echoes with songs
    of broken heart
    Music of soul transcending
    touch poetic depths.......

    ©preetkanwal 20.05.2020

  • preetkanwal 1w

    When you look at me
    thorns of life stop
    pricking my soul
    Metaphors of love
    bloom n’ glow........


  • preetkanwal 1w

    Imprints of time

    Wrinkles on her face
    were not due to age
    They were the imprints
    time had marked in rage
    She couldn’t trim time’s nails
    They grew bigger n bigger
    with each passing day.
    Each phase of life
    left an indelible mark on her psyche
    Oscillating on time clock
    She heard alarming bells
    at every step with each stroke
    Though distraught,
    but she never stopped
    Treading with windmills of life
    Demurely polishing her hones
    found home in her poems.

    ©preetkanwal 18.05.2020

  • preetkanwal 2w

    Sun was rising
    spreading spectrum of hues
    Fading moon was bidding adieu
    leaving behind stardust of hope
    in dreaming eyes of dawn new
    As sky bowed in reverence
    time stood still to review
    Seeing this peaceful coexistence
    silence whispered
    Wake up O’ man from slumber of aeons
    Lest this golden moment fade into oblivion.

    ©preetkanwal 14.05.2020