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  • pretty_much_human 7w

    It's hard to swallow
    When you stop denying
    Your mental demon
    And see clearly
    What it has taken
    The fruits that were
    Well in your reach
    But your demon
    Chained you and
    You couldn't get them.

  • pretty_much_human 8w

    Anxiety demon

    Five years I took
    To see the demon
    As on a sad day
    In a room I shook
    Reminiscing instances
    Where I was shackled
    Brutally heckled
    By the demon inside
    I wanna cane it
    Beat it, kill it
    Remove it

  • pretty_much_human 11w

    Bruised and Battered

    Bruised and Battered
    I am
    Wasted efforts
    And Impediments
    Are mutilating me
    Grab my hand
    Pull me through
    From this incessant
    I beg you to

  • pretty_much_human 12w


    I tried
    I strangled it
    I burnt it
    I sliced it
    But still
    Couldn't kill

  • pretty_much_human 13w


    As if they would not kill me
    If I told them my mind
    But it felt like killing myself
    Daily inside my mind

  • pretty_much_human 13w

    Did it make you happy?
    You denied the wretched reality that we live our whole lives, you ridiculed it with smugness on your face, arrogance in your words, and apathy in your heart.

  • pretty_much_human 13w

    Never a man was loved for who he is
    He mends his way and the world loves him.

  • pretty_much_human 13w

    Should I strangle my feelings?
    Should I let them strangle me?

  • pretty_much_human 13w


    They loved my mask
    But it was hurting
    So I took it off
    And they went away

  • pretty_much_human 13w

    So what if the seed is still dormant?
    Keep watering, because once it sprouts,
    It won't stop until it becomes a tree.