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  • pri_99 1w

    The fallen leaves...

    There was an old maple tree
    where a little bird had its home,
    with bright leaves around its nest
    and long branches for it to roam.

    Now that tree had shed its last leaves
    and stood dead and dried,
    and in the fear of facing the bird's emotion
    I kept it in a cage locked inside.

    I hung the cage on that tree
    and shut the door that leads to them,
    with the memories
    and flashbacks, I did the same.

    But there's this constant buzz
    that never leaves my head,
    I don't know what I'm supposed to do,
    maybe I know but I don't want to, instead.

    I know I should unlatch the door
    and let my fear speak boldly with ease,
    but with a risk of bird's heart
    being broken, I'm too afraid to release.

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    The fallen leaves...


  • pri_99 5w


    As I typed my last word
    of all the things I wanted to text,
    I realised, I annoy you a lot
    by feeding you with all my craps.
    I share almost each and every details
    like a non-stop overloaded recording tape,
    and every text ends with the same note,
    three words that lovers can't escape.
    Each day begins with a "gooooood morning"
    and a "goodnight kiss" declare its end.
    And before sleeping I always wonder,
    Only if I had the guts to click "send".

  • pri_99 7w

    Yellow misfit to my white wall...

    "Did you notice the corner beside the door?"
    I asked him while adjusting myself under the blanket.
    "I might have. Why, is something wrong with that?", he was still changing into his nightwear.
    "No, nothing's wrong. It is kind of oddly beautiful. The shade of yellow, pink and white, the way they were put together, it's a complete misfit that fits perfectly. Don't you think?"
    "yes, now when I think of it, I feel the same."
    but his yawning told the other way. I bet he had no clue about the corner I was talking about. He climbed onto the bed disturbing all my adjustments.
    "Hey! your feet are cold, get it off mine", I pulled my feet away from his.
    "But you are warm.", he pulled me towards him with his cold hands around my waist. I could feel his warm breathe on my neck, from past 10 years he had been stealing my body heat.
    Like our body temperature, our thoughts, interests, opinion differs. In other words, the sky is full of clouds for him, whereas I search shapes in those clouds.
    "I love you.", his drowsy voice, lingering into my ear.
    I could never deduce his ability to sleep like a scalded cat, whereas I was struggling to pause my thoughts so as to sleep.
    "You are like the yellow misfit that fits perfectly in the white wall of my life, I love you too.", I whispered into his ear and spooned myself into his embrace while slowly drowning into sleep.

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    Yellow misfit to my
    white wall...


  • pri_99 8w


    The flower, you plucked
    died in a week,
    you kept it amidst the pages
    of the book you'll never seek.

    The letter, you'd left half written
    will never reach its end,
    but safely kept inside the cabinet
    in a false hope that someday you'll send.

    The guitar whose strings
    were always busy in shaping chord,
    have lost their soul
    with rust in it and body filled with mould.

    You must be searching for links between
    the discrete stanzas above,
    there's nothing except a sting of vague sadness
    crawling its way out of my thoughts.

  • pri_99 9w

    Just smile...

    I saw someone smiling,
    grinning like a child.
    Although I had a bad day,
    but that made me smile.
    Somewhere I was jealous,
    to see someone so happy with life.
    But can you be happy all the time?
    There's always an underlying truth
    that's not seen with naked eyes.
    So I fixed my eyes on road,
    started heading towards home.
    "Hey, how are you?"
    someone asked me from behind,
    I turned and passed
    a big fat smile.

  • pri_99 10w

    It's getting chilly...

    It's almost reaching dusk,
    the wind is blowing fine.
    Saw few birds flying home,
    leaving these wires behind.
    Noticed the clouds have shifted,
    wish I had captured their shapes.
    The dried crops waving them "bye",
    with no plans to meet again.

    I checked my phone,
    and saw the time.
    I just spent an hour
    watching the view,
    feeling this wind
    which later whispered
    "It's getting chilly, go inside."

  • pri_99 12w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Dull

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    The moon is covered with clouds.

  • pri_99 12w

    Let's paint a town...

    Let's paint a town
    blue and white,
    with narrow lanes,
    shaded by trees
    allowing two people
    to walk side by side.

    I will take you
    to the old lovers' spot
    where words are curved
    on the heartless rocks,
    holding our hands,
    we'll watch the fireflies dance,
    taking over the sky
    when the stars are gone.

    We will sit by
    one of the closed shop
    and find a glass
    to share flamboyant wine
    and a half burnt cigarette,
    smoking away
    what seems to be wrong
    or pretentiously right.

    Let's paint a town
    blue and white,
    blue will carry my absurd dreams
    while white will give you sight,
    I will be alive.

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    Let's paint a town...


  • pri_99 16w

    Do you expect or hope?

    If you expect, you are building a bridge and placing your happiness on the other end. If the bridge breaks, you will never reach it.

    If you hope, you are building an extra room to expand your happiness. If the room breaks, happiness still stays with you, sharing the same old space.

  • pri_99 17w


    "...and the prince and princess lived happily ever after. Now, my princess should go to sleep.", I kept the book aside after kissing her tiny forehead.
    "Maa", she called while I was about to switch off the light. "Yes hon", I looked at her, and understood by her look that she isn't sleeping soon.
    "Why do you love hugsy?", she calls her dad hugsy, 'cause he crushes her with hugs.
    I took a moment, I didnt know what to reply. It was a simple question but how to explain about love to a girl who still has her baby teeth. "Maa?", she looked at me with impatient eyes.
    "Hon, remember when we went to granny's house, there was a canary that you brought home to take care of it and put it inside a cage?"
    "Hehe, it was a funny bird. It never liked that cage. I thought it wants to go away, so I opened the gate for it to fly away.", she narrated with her broken baby accent.
    "Yes, you did the right thing. But did it fly away?"
    "Nope. It was so stupid. I opened the gate and saw it going out of the window. After lunch, when I saw the cage, it was sitting there. Funny canary. But maa, leave about that bird, tell me na, why you love hugsy?"
    "Just like the bird, I tried to cage your hugsy to take care of him. When I saw him upset and unhappy, I opened that gate. Guess what happened next?"
    "He came back?"
    "Yes, he came back in that cage. And he wasn't upset like before. He was happy. So, from that day, I always kept the gate open and he kept coming back. So, that is why, maa loves hugsy and she won't love you if you don't sleep now.", she was listening with sleep in her eyes and a constant smile on her face. God knows what was going on in that little innocent mind of hers. I kissed her goodnight, switched off the light and slowly closed the door.
    "You kept the main door open?", he asked with a tired voice while loosening his tie.
    "I did? Oh, yes. I forgot to close it after the delivery man left. You freshen up, I will set the dinner for us.", he went to the washroom while I was setting the table, listening to the song coming from the neighbour's house.
    'you won't ever be alone, wait for me to come home'
    (photograph by Ed Sheeran plays in the background)

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