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  • priispro 14w

    Not in your free time

    I want to be someone you take out time for,
    I won't be someone you talk to, on your free time.

  • priispro 30w

    Nhi ata sawan saal Mai do baar
    Umeed hai ane ki tumhari agle saal
    Kahi banjar reh gai zameen-sukhi
    Naraj hai Indra dharti hum he ne to ki maleen


  • priispro 34w


    Amidst the translucent haze. There was a colourless rainbow. Who tends to share it's colours to the beloved. The rainbow, whenever the light passes through it, it becomes less colourfull. Why? ' Cause it has been showered with a thorough endless enlightenment for each preceding one. It is shapeless tho it has such inclining Beauty that a maiden would envy it's transparency.

    I ask how will it be colourfull ' o Lord
    When he is leaving his shine to the odd

  • priispro 34w


    Is Kadar khalipan hai Zindagi Mai kuch mehsus nhi kia jata ye char diwari he dost hai yehi ajnabi hai yehi yaar hai. Kyun nhi tik paty ristey adho se hum muh mod lete hai adhe humse. Naye rastey khulne ka manjar hai magar dhak diye hai darwaje in salo Mai, samjh Lia hai mtlb he mtlb hai darkinaro mai.