I am 14 year old boy living in south africa have 10 acedemic wards i am an young scientist ,poetry performer ,motivational speaker

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  • princejay 9w

    Prince jay *the poet*

    School is the pain to go to succussed
    School make us to be energetic and knowledgeable
    But for some it destroys them because it they don't care about their dream

    School makes us to be discipline and gain assurance
    To be the great as we are
    For some it discourage them but some they are motivated

    Teachers that you think that are not worth it there are worth it
    Because in the month they get salary
    And if you did not study you will fail
    Will they enjoy their salary
    Have a choice in your
    Either you study or fail
    If you want to be a doctor
    If you want to be a scientists
    If you want to be a social worker
    Go to school because school wont come to you
    Stay wise

  • princejay 9w

    Prince *the poet*

    "You smile with them "you laught with them
    Then boom the foolishness
    They sniff to you ,so that they can break you
    They see you as a looser yet you walk with them
    The praise you instead they hate you deep in side
    They seem to care but hate
    They seem to heal but they are discrimination rises them in life

    Ohh never trust a person because a person can break you into blocks of dishonest
    They will hunt you

    They will celebrate with you will they want to kill your soul emotionally and paradoxically so
    Be aware
    Be intelligent to read their action because the life we live in is faces with paradoxically emotion that destroys us naturally so so be brave
    Analysis of pretenders

  • princejay 9w

    Prince jay* the poet*

    There are people in life that you walk with
    Some are good
    Some are bad
    Some brings hope and joy
    And they are those who strike you emotionally because you are successceding in life

    They just pretend to love you but break you
    The make you their resolution lift
    Instead of building you they break you
    After then they smile in tears of defeating you as they pretend they have break you

    Because Every thing they do is worth failing
    But you stand tall
    Tell them your reaction is to shut up!

    Because they will hurt you
    I know they always love jealous but make them cry inside
    When they show you jealousy
    Love them
    Respect them
    Instead of revenge talk with them

    Show them that jealousy has been maintained by a sin
    Don't mind but build them
    Make them living jealousy but you becoming a smile with positivity

  • princejay 9w

    Dearth is scary
    Prince jay *the poet*

    The day turned dark
    The cloud turn black shaking lighting to place
    Ohhhh lord I say again
    "Death is scary"

    Why dearth was poured as a reality formation
    It has made us cry
    It has made our lives not worth lived living
    Ever hour I type a word dearth occur
    I say it again "dearth is scary"
    I have screamed in the shadow of my eyes I have made noice that shaped me to drops of ocean of tears

    Why are we suppose to loose the people among us that we care about?
    Why the best in us becomes bad ohhh dearth
    Why do you occur ?
    We know we accept but the word still makes the world cry day to day ohhh dearth please make a resolution life
    Dearth is scary in life but a process that was here for century

    "Dearth is scary"

  • princejay 9w

    One day I will sucessed have that belief
    Prince jay *the poet*

    It's hard in the world but one day I will succussed
    That's what most people should daily motivate themselves
    Instead of stating things that only break them
    The rules of life that destroys them
    Yes you have a past each one have have a nightmare
    But they must fight so that dream could become a reality
    If you want to be a doctor
    Go to school
    If you are have a potiencial to sing then go to art
    That's simply
    Change your life
    Don't let Laziness destroy you
    Don't let pride over shadow you don't let lies make your brain blow up because you are exceptional in your own way
    Just dream it

  • princejay 9w

    Anything is possible
    Prince jay*the poet*

    They have said" impossible"
    But yet people yet prove anything is possible
    Ask yourself why there is possible because
    Because possible have a definition
    Possible is more than the world
    Its something bright
    You don't have to sleep when you want to prove anything is possible
    It is the courage
    It is the confidence
    It is a dream
    It is a reality check
    What are you waiting for ?

    To achieve the impossible
    Your mindset must be positive to possess to achieve that goal
    Fight until you feel like you have reach that dream
    Prove them wrong
    Never loose faith

  • princejay 9w

    Beautiful outside ,dark inside
    Prince jay *the poet*

    I cried "when I heared this story" a mother that was beautiful as like a Queen in beauty but killed his kids

    Beauty has no value ,
    People that you see and you see the beauty ness but not the heart
    People like that are poisonous in such a way of bad conduct

    A person must choose from the looks
    A person my choose from the heart
    A person must see ,choose from personality
    A person my see ,choose for goals
    Not for the interest of beauty

    Beauty can not change the world
    Beauty cannot buy anything
    Even if you are ugly but have a heart that is pure
    You are more than beautifully ,stop following heart follow the heart
    That's set the perfect something
    Pure hearted set the perfect something

  • princejay 9w

    I am nothing without god
    Prince jay *the poet *

    Yes ,I am am a human but lack
    Of freedom
    Freedom is God
    God is love
    How can you describe him ?
    Without him I am a glass without water
    Without him I am like a heart that does that is filled with sad emotion
    With him I am skin without protection

    I can describe him in million ,or even trillion words if I had the odesity
    He died yet he rose
    He helped every living soul that needed help
    Without him I am carbon dioxide
    Without him I am a wedding dress that is black instead of white
    I did nothing but still dense with his love
    Without god I am nothing

  • princejay 9w

    Smooth criminal
    Prince jay *the poet*

    Wow ,you can say smooth is the soft for a criminal
    But people you seem to be be generous to you
    But some how they were change they became criminals to you

    They stole things because they say the love you but they want to break your heart in thousand giantess pieces

    But you realised they have made you a fool ,they came for the items you have ,the money you hold ,the knowledge you have
    Smooth criminals have made lives very crylike
    Smooth criminals seem brighter but darkness hold them
    They seen good but bad
    They are the smooth but criminals they don't change ountil they have one thing that can brainstorm they're minds

    Be smooth but not criminal

  • princejay 9w

    Prince jay *the poet*

    I have made money ,lived luxurious life that one could be satisfied
    I had joy but my heart was dieing slowly ,slowly like a tortoise

    I always sleep with men ,knew that kills my life fully breaks my life
    But should I be poorer ,should I struggle ,my viginity is not important as she said

    But why should you not take pride to keep virginity
    I should be hated when I say your body is the temple of the holy spirit
    But why you run for money like you were born with it

    Stand tall say "I will never sleep with anyone without the confidence of agreeing to that person
    You are special
    You are unique
    You are bold
    You are strong
    You influential
    You are a star
    Embrace that enough
    Never sleep with anyone for the sake of money as quoted money is the root of evil