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  • priya07 23w

    #postDiwali#crackers=pollution#don't risk ur future#ultimate happiness

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    Thank you!
    For adding smile to my face in my childhood days at times of festival
    Thank you!
    For being part of my childhood, now being an adult I know you are not mine and never add a true everlasting smile to my face but blackens my whole world!

  • priya07 29w

    The Ultimatum

    Ending...rather call it beginning!
    The fall that make you arise once again
    The sunset that happens will surely bring sunrise the next day
    Yesterday has today and also tomorrow with us
    Life boat sails on rather sinking a number of times.

  • priya07 31w

    The Sky Gazer

    Miracles do happen everyday,
    Go to your window silt and look at sky like a sky gazer
    Still and calm, it soothes you,it amaze you, it makes you ponder about everything
    It has its own charm

    They do
    Creative people are the wonders of the skygazer!

  • priya07 31w


    There is a life within and without!
    It is like a coin double faced,masked and unmasked!
    It is what termed apoearance and reality in the right way* *

  • priya07 31w


    O hold me, hold me close
    Dont leave, right here, I am alone
    I miss u all around
    I am sinking, I am drowning
    Oh this this feeling of holding down memories making me insane
    Every now and then, want to meet and not go apart
    Can I hold you permanently or are you all temporary
    Am I the only me who will walk in all phase of mine till my last breath,
    So only me, empower yourself, me should be strong, courageous, fighter yet lovable and smiling!
    There you are! YOU

  • priya07 32w

    Six word story!

    Life's Choice~Backspace or Forward button.

  • priya07 32w

    Past in A Song

    Sochta hu ke wo kitne masum the ....
    Kya se kya hogya dekhte dekhte....

  • priya07 32w

    #unstoppable spirit#stop let her be herself#her story#her life

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    Stop and let her be herself,
    Let her arise, let her sink, let her drown and float again
    Stop and let her know she is all alone,
    Let her choose her close ones,let her make decisions for herself, let her know her and others well
    Stop and let her live in her own terms and discover and rediscover herself!

  • priya07 39w


    She is aware of herself, are you?
    She is made to get aware of herself, are you?
    She is aware of her body,are you?
    She is made to get aware of her body, are you?
    She is aware of society and social norms,are you?
    She is made to get aware of society and social norms,are you?
    You see,'She' is naturalized,are you?
    Get aware that she is not naturalized next time.

  • priya07 39w


    Time revolves...
    Changes happen...
    Ages do take place...
    Life comes and goes...
    No story remains the same...