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  • priya_8277 3w

    IT's Necessary!!!

    I had huge respect for you
    within me
    But for you there's only SHIT
    within me

  • priya_8277 15w

    Hey Prabhu ..

    Prem keliye
    basuri bajatey ho
    Aur dharma keliye
    sudarshanchakra bhi chalatey ho

    Sansar ke Sukh keliye
    Vish bhi pi lete ho
    Aur zarurath padey tho
    Tandav bhi karlete ho

  • priya_8277 45w


    Mujhe laga mohobbath har rozz khushi degi har waqtha muskurahat degi lekin
    Patha nhi tha uss ek pal ki khushi aur muskurahat key liye mujhey har rozza asu bahan padega


  • priya_8277 45w

    Bas meri mohobath hi hai
    jo tum na gin paye
    Magar meri har gaalti ka hisaab
    Barabar se rak lete ho

  • priya_8277 63w


    You can write '' sand'' on sand
    You cant write ''water'' on water
    This shows how our certain wishes can be fulfilled not all of them

  • priya_8277 66w


    I dont want to tel what i did
    And how i was at your low situations you know that better than any one
    But the way you showed me your priorities
    Over that person who dragged themself away from you at your low situations
    This made me more happy
    Actually its not your fault its me who thought im always on the top of your list but im not felt so amazing when i finally got to know
    This is why it is stated '' expectations hurt''

  • priya_8277 67w

    To you girl

    Hey princess
    You are been taken away
    Away from your loved ones
    You are being buried in your own goodness
    By your own love
    I know your mad at him but listen to me
    He is not the one for you
    You have your own kingdom in which your the princess the almighty king will not let you go in the darkest world
    Listen to me you are been taken away by the demon who has a mask of so called love
    I know you have offered urself to him
    But listen to me its just a bad dream which can be forgotten
    Right now your time is precious don't waste it on the that bull
    Hy princess listen to me
    We love you please come back to us

  • priya_8277 69w

    I never knew that your
    'I Love You'
    Actually meant
    'I Lust You'
    Thanks for the clarification.

  • priya_8277 83w

    By unknown writer

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    Listen to me

    I just need one person who listens to me
    Not the one who will judge things on what i say
    Not the one who will make fun of it
    Not the one who will pass comments on it
    Not the one who will remember it and try to humiliate me in the future
    Not the one who will try to sort this out and make it a mess
    Not the one who will tell whether Im right or wrong
    Just the one who listens to me


  • priya_8277 92w

    Miss you

    For you our memories make me miss..
    But for me hear even the streets that we walked together kills