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  • priya_pradhan 15w


    How quick is someone
    To pass a judgement,
    On the figure, look, attair
    And every single movement.

    How easily people critic
    You are right or wrong,
    And this set of mind will never be in track
    Rather will pass so long.

    People raise their eyebrows
    Encountering a fat, slim or small,
    The fact is they think themselves superior
    And confidently judge one and all.

    Judging someone is a simple task
    Which one can easily pass,
    It aims to offend others
    And is like pouring tea in a tass.

    Look, you not different
    Still they ignore your worth,
    Judgement is a first bitter truth
    Faced even at the time of birth.

    The moment you saw the world
    You were judged for your weight and colour,
    If your own members happily did it
    Then for strangers you should not put an expression of pallor.

    The eyes of judgement
    Is filled with secrets and lies,
    They will always mock you from behind
    But will never dare to meet your eyes.

    Judgement is a part of life
    And there's nothing to worry,
    Act of judging will surely lie on their soul
    So wait for the turn and let their deeds end in scurry.


  • priya_pradhan 15w


    Happy family, perfect couple
    Is only decorated in wedding album,
    The love he shared earlier
    Unfortunately shall never come.

    The reality is something else
    And our togetherness is a dream,
    The way memories scattered
    Is more painful and here I scream.

    There is demon
    Reflecting within him,
    Here each second is a punishment
    Which turns my day so grim.

    He pulls my hair
    He slaps my face,
    He chokes me all time
    And my wedding life has become a mess.

    He beats me
    Till I mourn in pain,
    He punishes me with whip
    Not to make mistake again.

    He curse my dad
    For the level I belong,
    He shatters my flesh
    Even if he is wrong.

    Sometimes he is ohk
    And everything goes fine,
    But the demon in him
    Rise again with time.

    I wish it is my fallacy
    From which I can escape,
    But my bloody flesh is a true witness
    That in his cruelty, I'm firmly drapped.

    Bloody-running blood
    Mourn-feeling of sorrow


  • priya_pradhan 15w


    You may step forward
    With your weight of potentiality,
    But can never escape from time
    Nor from your own brutality.

    One day your life will drop
    And be carried within the soil,
    But the deeds you did
    Will be markedly lined in time's foil.

    Some past were cheerful
    And some past you hate,
    Learn to make big in present
    No one knows your future may be in bait.

    All are servants
    In the kingdom of time,
    So value it most
    As except time none are prime.

    You may cheat for long
    But time will punish you with the pain of hell,
    One day the truth will curtain off
    And all your lies will turn pale.

    The time will enter
    Where everything will fall,
    Neither money, property
    Nor name and fame will stand tall.

    Before this time
    There was a noble time,
    When race, caste and culture
    Were never in mind.

    No one was poor or even rich
    Everyone was placed the same,
    The Universe was held with love
    And unity was their aim.

    Now the world will be drastically
    Mauled by the supreme,
    Along with the lord
    Time will spread its arm as a theme.


  • priya_pradhan 15w


    Mother sat near her girl
    With full of tear in her eyes,
    They were not of joy
    But of frightful cries.

    She makes her girl
    Understand the fact,
    That now separation time has come
    And therefore she is here to interact.

    The bride groom game
    Is about to start,
    So prepare yourself from now
    As a prince will rde a horse to steel your heart,

    This game is interesting
    And named as marriage,
    You will be jeweled from top to bottom
    And get carried by a carriage.

    This is how
    She is convinced with fallacy,
    And she thinks that
    This bitter game is full of fantasy.

    She never knows
    Its a deal from her birth,
    To push her to the hell
    And grind her childhood mirth.

    Marriage is just a cage
    Where without treatment she will be locked,
    By every family members
    All the time she will be mocked.

    She will be bitten
    Till terrible pain,
    Just to punish her
    Not to make the mistake again.

    She will pray all the time
    For her family's health,
    But her parents sold the delicate flower
    In the greed of some wealth.

    She will die
    Each and every day there,
    And at her husband's funeral
    She will also give her life with that fire.

    Its all a plan
    To wreck her dreams,
    To punish her for all life
    And inject a title of 'wife' in her bloodstream.

    I wish this was just a myth,
    Against which I could speak.
    But it is the bitter truth
    Proved by vermellion on a tender bud's peak.


  • priya_pradhan 15w


    Not too much, but be human
    Forget all egocentric act done long back,
    The clock has struck to be together
    And return back to human track.

    Not too much, but be human
    Here sheds the tear our earth,
    So lets pay little heed
    To our land of birth.

    Not too much, but be human
    Who we actually ought to be,
    Stand in everyone's need
    To live a life filled with harmony.

    Not too much, but be human
    And be your citizen's helper
    Together you can even fight with the world
    And become each other's life saver.

    Not too much, but be human
    To understand what is humanity,
    Its never too late
    To wake up and kill the cruelty.

    Not too much, but be human
    For the welfare of nation,
    Enough our land has endured
    Now let's rise and pen down a new lesson.

    Not too much, but be human
    To be your realm's hero,
    For that you don't need rocket science
    Just be aware and assist the borough.

    Not too much, but be human
    To carve a new history,
    Let's the world stare at India
    And let us solve this corona mystery.


  • priya_pradhan 15w


    Sometimes life is scathing
    Sometimes it is smooth,
    Sometimes it bends before you
    And sometimes it stays firm as truth.

    Life serves many instances
    Some to gain and some to use,
    It may be tough and hard
    But none can escape or set an excuse.

    Life has a chore
    To set many paths,
    But decision is in your hands!!
    So take it by calm, not by wrath.

    Not every path has destination
    But has its ups and down,
    You just have to walk carefully
    Before drastically you drown.

    You have solemn power
    To make your own choice,
    So make it from your heart
    Not by hordes voice.

    Sometimes you may make mistakes
    But never give-up to learn,
    Life is all about making things again
    And this is the key for respect to earn.

    Stop blaming others
    For the decision you take,
    It's absolutely ohk, to get up and run
    But never delay your zeal to wake.

    Never sit hopeless
    If life hits you back,
    Make your surrounding positive
    And remake the point where you lack.


  • priya_pradhan 15w


    Howgarts is the world famous name
    From Harry Potter's series
    it has got its fame.
    Studies and quidditch is their game
    Lords of wizard are here,
    what they claim.

    Wizards are born
    with wand in their hand
    Aim to learn further magic in Hogwarts' plan.
    Execution of tricks outside ths school is strictly banned
    King of wizard,oh yes!! Harry is the one.

    Hogwarts possess four different house
    To co-operate the wizards
    and avoid chouse.
    Students are splitted by their wit
    So there is none to query
    or a quarrel to lit.

    Gryffindor is famous for everyone's hope
    Except for Draco and all his folks.
    Ravenclaw is famous for all the skill
    Learn to fight but not to kill.

    Hufflepuff is famous for dreams of few
    But when you get in,its lots of fun and new.
    Slytherin is famous for dreaded tower
    But its not tall bad, except Draco has some power.


  • priya_pradhan 15w


    I have plenty of food
    Pizzas, taccos and burger,
    No, no not these all
    My food is my hunger.

    It has embraced me
    From the day of birth,
    Tormenting my tender body
    And taking out my childhood mirth.

    I keep on praying
    For one-time meal,
    To fill my revening tummy
    And to boost up my zeal.

    This devil penetrates my soul
    And my veins deeply,
    Impairing my soft, delicate suture
    It breaks my hope completely.

    Missing a bite of food
    Tears roll down my cheek,
    Without a pinch of nutrient
    My body tends to be weak.

    My day turns lucky
    When there is a party near,
    To pick the left-over food from trash
    And enjoy it in moonlight blear.

    When food touches my lips
    It feels like kissing the hunger,
    To the brim I stuff the food
    So that in tum it stays for longer.

    I grasp people
    Throwing unwanted food,
    And wonder pitifully
    To taste all those, but never I could.

    The person who serves me food
    Is the manifestation of gods,
    As I have never seen him
    The merciful people are my living lords.

    I am a small, poor girl
    Definitely not a sinner,
    I put forward my little hands for food
    Because I am a victim of hunger.


  • priya_pradhan 15w


    What can i do,
    M still in love with u.

    You moved away slowly,
    Breaking my heart smoothly.

    No sounds of cracking,
    I simply changed myself to what was happening.

    When you said i am sweet,
    The lub-dubb rhythm of my heart paced with high speed.

    When u said loving was mistake,
    I quietly moved far from you for your sake.

    Now no talks and messages,
    My hrt has closed all the love pages.

    Seeing your pictures are the only relief of my pain,
    Our separation is thing making me insane.

    I'm still waiting for you,
    Pampering my heart that my love was true.


  • priya_pradhan 16w


    Here is my family album
    It resembles a tree,
    Members are placed up and down
    So that in an order we can see.

    First placed my grands and greats
    Then the whole chain starts,
    Step by step the younger ones
    Grows more chic and smart.

    The vogue has turned its face
    From mustache to clean shave,
    In women it has evolved
    From long pallus to skirt with single wave.

    The attairs my grands shared
    Are more likely to be gone
    Now its a different era
    They are just a reference to look upon.

    To have a family like mine
    Is never the less as divine
    Here every pain is shared
    And dedication for each other is impaired.

    The whole world
    May come in and go,
    But my family will remain
    The constant,and this I know.

    They always say
    Our crown is none except you,
    The bond we share is irreplaceable
    No matter what comes new.

    The most mesmerising part
    Is the love,everyone can see,
    The string which has bound them
    Right through this family tree.

    Without my family
    I would be lost,
    Therefore I value each and everyone
    No matter what is the cost.