"They say only the good die young, but that just ain't right!"

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  • priyanshi_t 2w

    We Are Infinite...

    The truth is that we knew
    That this would come to an end
    But i know that you will
    Write a book about how we met
    And you will describe my features
    In the most beautiful manner
    And you will write about my madness
    That you will regret later
    And you will sing to the willows
    Who won't listen to you
    And you will dance on the altars
    That will push you back
    But you won't describe the end
    I know you won't
    Just because it ended in this form
    Doesn't mean we weren't meant
    And you will fall from grace
    And you will cry your spite
    But you won't burry your memories
    Cause you know We Are Infinite...

  • priyanshi_t 2w

    "What is it that i don't have?
    Are my actions not enough,
    For the people i love the most,
    That they treat me so rough?
    I know I'm not beautiful,
    I'm not smart and strong.
    So i try to be honest.
    Tell me, where do i go wrong?

    Hey December,
    I guess i know I'm colder,
    Than the man who'll treat me right.
    So, there's no one to pat me on the shoulder.
    I failed, i couldn't catch you.
    And you left me with my spite and my pain, deep.
    But it's okay of you slipped away,
    Cause you were never mind to keep!"

    Heya, I'm back with the second part. And i feel like trying to catch and understand your own self is the best new year resolution one can take. #selflove is the best policy;)

    @seraphic_pristine @kas_780 @its_smn @your_boy_king @takecare

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    (Part two)

    It's okay if you slipped away,
    Cause you were never mine to keep...

  • priyanshi_t 3w

    "Hey December,
    Why do you feel so lonely?
    Why do you sit and watch me?
    Am i the one and only?
    While i was chasing the clouds,
    You stared at the sky closely.
    Now that i want to catch you,
    Why do you want to flee?

    I try to observe things.
    But you stay silent on my indiscretions.
    Cause you don't want any infamy,
    I try to control my indecent expressions.
    You're always the last to be counted,
    But everyone loves you with passion,
    Everyone tries to greet you welcome,
    As if you're their priced possession!"

    Heya, i heard "evermore", a few days ago and I'm addicted to it! And that I'll be writing a second part of this poem soon ☺️

    @writersnetwork @kas_780 @my_pen_zone @seraphic_pristine @itskhushi

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    I try to catch my steps, with every breath i take.
    I prefer you my priority, with every decision i make.


  • priyanshi_t 6w

    I gave men flowers
    The ones who were broken
    I gave women flowers
    The ones with bellies swollen
    I tried to keep my peace
    By giving them my piece
    The ones that turned to flowers
    By every inch of ease
    I gave them my heart
    Whose pieces i couldn't keep
    Being a matured sunflower
    The thought made me weep
    I gave away my soul
    To people who were alone
    Hoping it would help
    From keeping them unknown!

    @kas_780 @my_pen_zone @seraphic_pristine @itskhushi @takecare
    Feels good to write after so long!

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    Soul Flower!


  • priyanshi_t 9w

    I don't want this sick feeling, I've been hurt before.
    I'm scared if I fall, I'll break you even more.
    i can't afford love, I want to be on my own!


  • priyanshi_t 11w

    Today I curse you...
    May you sin as devils do,
    And love as angels do...
    But when you die,
    You die as a phoenix does!

  • priyanshi_t 11w


    Can you see the war scars?
    No one can!
    Because they left us broken and hollowed
    And made us live the life
    That we never really borrowed
    They left us in pieces
    And what peace did it bring?
    Does anyone know?
    No one does!
    Because all is done
    And all is gone
    And can never be brought back!
    Peace was never the motive,
    The motive was to destroy the lives
    To create terror among the people
    To make them live a life they never knew!

  • priyanshi_t 11w

    Life is a lesson, a chapter that can end in one unexpected shot!
    So let's not take it too seriously!
    Let's make a living for ourselves!
    Let's be a little more selfish!
    Let's be a little more active!
    Let's live our life our own way!

  • priyanshi_t 12w

    We don't just suppress our feelings by hiding what we crave, we simply betray our own selves!

  • priyanshi_t 12w

    My anger is greater than my grief, my sorrow and my disappointment. I am fire and ice, you will fear the cold and crave the burn!