When my soul is happy or when it hurts, I Put down my thoughts to words!

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  • priyasha1199 2w

    Rather than falling in love, it's more challenging to get out of love!
    Secret unrequited love.

  • priyasha1199 3w

    Sometimes it's not anxiety,
    Not even stress,
    It's just that the drops of blood are flowing out of my body,
    And I am craving for rest.

    No, don't worry,
    I am not sad,
    The hormonal imbalance is going on in my body,
    And it is just making me mad.

    I don't have heavy cramps,
    Neither I am free of pain.
    It is that I am in the middle of both,
    And to handle it, I am not too trained.

    Yes, it's only a matter of 4 days in a month,
    But you see there are 12 in a year,
    Now, don't come up to me,
    And say I am all ears!

  • priyasha1199 4w

    Isn't it strange,
    That we complain
    of being in darkness,
    But all we do to get rid of it
    is stand at one place,
    hoping that light will make way for us,
    And point us to the direction we secretly desire to walk on.

  • priyasha1199 5w

    "We the writers of our own story"
    Someone said it and people acknowledged this!
    But is it true?
    I don't believe it!

    If it's true,
    Then why are we writing those chapters,
    Which we know will hurt us the most?
    Why are we penning down those sentences,
    Which we know will make us suffer?
    Why are we writing those lines,
    Which we know will give us scars for a lifetime?
    And most important of all,
    If we are the writers,
    Then why aren't we writing the story,
    Simple and worthy?

    Maybe, we aren't the authors,
    since the beginning.
    We are the one assisting the writer,
    how to take the story further.
    What is happening is bound to happen!
    But how are we going to react to it?
    How are we going to stand for it?
    And how are we going to move further even with the obstacles?
    This is what sums up our life's story!

  • priyasha1199 12w

    We are not scared of love but we are scared of getting heartbroken.
    We are not afraid to swim but we are afraid of drowning.
    We are not terrified of heights but we are scared of falling.
    We are not afraid of opening up to people but we are worried that someone would break our trust.
    We, humans, are so complicated that we are anxious about taking the first step because we are uncertain of the next step and assume we will fail.
    We do not want to live in the present moment rather we either live in the past or future as it seems easy.
    And that's where the problem arises,
    The life and situation aren't as complicated as it seems to be yet we tend to make it.
    Instead of focusing only on the negative factor, why just can't, we look up at the positive side as well?
    Yes, the things which are meant to happen will happen anyway, but isn't it better to take the first step rather than standing and cribbing over the situation without doing anything and regretting it at the end?

  • priyasha1199 13w

    यूं कहो अकेलेपन से उतना प्यार हो गया था,
    जितना गुलज़ार को शायरी से,
    और रूमी को कविताओं से |

  • priyasha1199 17w

    The new piece

    I was finding that lost piece of my puzzle when I realized this was not I should find or look for. As that lost piece carries all my anxieties, burdens, and worries and I am much happier with the incomplete puzzle of mine.
    I accepted the fact and started moving on but suddenly I feel why not create one?
    The artist, the designer of that new part would be me. The new piece would contain all positivity and new hopes.
    Yes, It would take time but don't they say "Great things take time?"
    I'll create that one piece of mine,
    Maybe not today,
    Maybe not tomorrow,
    But one day for sure!

  • priyasha1199 19w

    Sometimes I want to tell thousands of stories to the world yet anonymously!

  • priyasha1199 20w

    The Pool of Overthinking

    A thought touched you
    Like your feet touch the shore of the sea,
    When the water is hustling.
    And you stood there because it felt good.
    And this is how, that thought met you
    For the very first time.

    You let that thought come into your mind
    and instead of letting it go
    You hold it back
    And that's how you entered into
    The Pool of Overthinking.

    You started moving forward
    thinking that you could find an escape
    But instead you lost your way now.
    And that's when you started
    Drowning into that pool.

    Suddenly you realise you are fine
    and that you are just hallucinating
    And that's how you realize
    The Pool of Overthinking
    is just an imagination
    created by our own mind.

  • priyasha1199 25w

    I believe in the saying - "Love comes at the most unexpected time and with most unexpected people."
    You create a list of characteristics you want in your life partner, yet when you meet that person, the list doesn't matters anymore. You fall for a guy who is shy yet you always wanted an extroverted person.
    The list says that the person should be good in sports which will flatter your heart but his poems, they just melt your heart. You wanted a guy who won't let you cry ever, but he hugs you tight with no intention of letting you go. The list says that you and him would pull an all-nighter playing video games, yet you both talk about life, death, happiness, and everything each night that doesn't bore you. When you meet your lover, the list eventually starts to disappear because all that matters is someone who would be happy with you and the one who deserves you and loves you unconditionally till the end.