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  • proper_noun 5d

    they fall so we could rise again!

    #tears #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    It isn't an unrestrained smile unless the teeth are caught peeking!
    So we dwelled in anecdotes.

    /.....silly you!
    you used to think that teeth are made up of milk.
    'we are born toofless, every baby drinks milk, and then teef start growing!
    It's so goofy yet funnily plausible! /

    It isn't the caged tears unless the eyes are still seeking!
    So we dwelled in anticipation.

    /......wise you!
    now you think logically and your silence, loquacious!
    at times you don't feel bad,
    cause you don't feel anything at all,
    then the cynic in you says,
    'pardon the indifference,
    it isn't personal!' /


  • proper_noun 1w

    मकीं-ए-मिज़ा भी होकर देख
    वहां हर तिनका एक ग़ुबार है
    वहां हर अश्क़ एक सैलाब है


  • proper_noun 1w


    A sermon to an empty crowd,
    the echoes sauntering through the hallways,
    the preacher and sinners bifurcated,
    by just a veil of credence!

    Watering plants in autumn,
    for the sake of rituals and ramifications,
    counting the leaves at the end,
    for familiarising with the vacant spaces!

    A calling of an abandoned home,
    the grieving dust secures the lock,
    apathy sweeping out of the windows,
    like an old age awaits its death!

    A motive outpacing the move,
    greed bedding the greater good,
    smearing everything in black and white,
    the fallen pawns still glued to the game!


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    When you find something,
    someone has to lose something,
    a karmic imbalance,
    sustains a tryst in a tragedy!


  • proper_noun 1w

    एक बेनाम क़ब्र वो
    एक मौत का सलीक़ा मैं
    उस इख़्तिलात में बस यही हालात हुए


  • proper_noun 2w


    "Do you give a kiss or ask for it?"

    'Well I plant a seed!'

    "Should I be bold to anticipate a fruit then?"

    'Oh! Who cherishes the cursed fallen fruit!'

    "The one who bends the back during the sullen wind!"

    'A bent spine or a broken stick, call you what?!'

    "The spine for a bent cause I suppose."

    'Mmm....Looks like an intelligent deal!'

    "Do we need to debate on the rules?"

    'Discussion!! Sounds like a milder agreement.'

    "You remind me of the color 'White',
    cold like the snow,
    hot like a metal!"

    'And here I was, delusional, of being invisible being black.'

    "Mmm....Looks like an acknowledgement for the receipt!"

    'And you sound like an easy transit.'

    "But what if,
    you etch and evaluate,
    the steps till perpetuity,
    and yet reach nowhere?"

    'This fluency will fall somewhere.'

    "I guess you know, a fall's outreach is never far!"

    'But the accuracy might be an acquisition.'

    "We could rebel dwelling in the errors!"

    'And the settlements would sign a seat!'

    "There might be some space for one more, and I hope it ends the contention somewhere."

    'Who keeps the count, who stays to matter.'

    "Do you drink water to wash your palate,
    or do you savor the best at the last?"

    'This ends the first question (without an answer) or gives birth to a succession ?!'

    "I must admit, I was busy crafting the conclusion,
    you reminded me of the beginning, again!"

    'Hope you know life's a circle of circumstances and chaos.'

    "Circle?!, are we putting a ring on it?"

    'Too prompt to be a proposal !!'

    "I had meant it as a fighting ring! (Lame save, I know)"

    'Another try, why ?!'

    "To know of the questions, till they didn't need to be answered again!"

    'A tailored curiosity suits well on your skin!'

    "And you know curiosity curses a veil the most!"

    'A lot to learn more, lessons on lessons.'

    "I already have the salt and the lemons, in case if it's too bitter for my taste."

    'I was proposing a dessert, but you seem to chew your food longer.'

    "Pardon my of being a creature of habit, who doesn't have such privileges!"

    'See the prayers pay you back, sometimes. Just look for them lurking around.'

    "Is it a rescue or a survival?"

    'A rescue is a survival itself. The word play makes it fancy.'

    "Wordplay can sure conjure conversations though!"

    'A thing you are feeding for a continuation....'

    "A kiss for one can stop it, be it a conversation or a continuation."

    'The desire waves back, its presence in the baseless background (kiss).'

    "Contemplating a crime or was it the answer? (kisses back)"

    'A misunderstood clue and the craving satieties in the name of crime.'

    "Be it in the name of crime, my intent was not otherwise!"

    'Oh! a clean chit isn't any available pass.'

    "I am at least content with your fair judgement!...."

    ©proper_noun (partly)

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    We are a quietude
    that's disrupted
    when remembrance
    searches forgetfulness!


  • proper_noun 2w

    can you
    chain your words
    by whimsical
    rumination of an absurdity!


  • proper_noun 2w

    like a Cuckoo
    callously leaves its eggs in stranger's nest!

  • proper_noun 2w

    Blatantly borrowing the moon and the stars,
    a delusional peace accentuates the lost wars!

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    'Misappropriated and bastardized,
    an inexplicable existence,
    a potpourri of predictable predicaments,
    passed off as extraordinary excellence,
    a prodigious exhibition,
    licking validations when no one's looking!'

  • proper_noun 2w

    A rat rants,
    of casts and their castles!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Generic melancholies
    poised as holier than thou,
    a by-product of petty philosophies
    and a juvenile psyche,
    pretending to know it all;

    Myriad mirrors
    broken for a stale face,
    umpteen bickerences,
    ignorant of binaries,
    furore of a feast,
    lasting only till the first bite;

    A reality breathing on the pupils,
    yet the delusions delay the deliverance,
    avoiding normalcy,
    for it reeks of mediocrity,
    creatures of pretension;

    Brittle teeth
    being a cornerstone of crunchiness,
    tasting the saliva
    imagining the taste,
    sewing guts for a delayed zest;

    Bracketed definitions
    pulverizing the pronouns,
    I, you and us,
    blooming under the sun
    hoping for our separate rain drops!

  • proper_noun 3w

    Don't fret,
    cast your gluttonous ignorance,
    like merciless pennies at an abattoir!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Silence in a lunacy
    that spoke only to us;

    Smiles in an unannounced farewell
    that didn't reciprocate;

    Sugar in a disheveled spice rack
    that was never sweet enough;

    Scar in a scabbard
    that refused to heal;

    Silhouette in a shadow
    that couldn't hide;

    Sin in a prayer
    that was Godless;

    Sum in a naught
    that we couldn't pay;

    Similitude in paradoxes
    that we could never find;

    Semantics in subjugation,
    and that's how we searched for a superlative in art!