I write everything according to my faith my fears , my love for Jesus and my struggles.

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  • proverb 1d

    Wear it or declare it

    A wise man once told me to wear the mask
    I put the muzzle on No longer can I bark
    The system we must follow
    Their rules we must obey
    The country today virus
    On the way no its already here
    No wait the sun will save us ,wait is it The Son or The Sun which one.
    Breathe in your carbon dioxide
    Now Pray the armor of God will keep you, mask on mask off cough the mask off
    Now laugh smile talk cause the fact is
    We follow the laws of the land right.

  • proverb 4d


    For some reason

    Muslims encounter Jesus in dreams
    Hindus also may encounter him in visions
    Jews also.

    But Christians themselves hmm yes if we ask he might.
    Read Matthew 18:12 he will leave the ninety nine sheep just to find the one that went astray

  • proverb 1w


    Thou art waiting
    Thou art searching
    God with us
    Im still drowning cant hold my breath anymore
    I cant just.... Jesus whats up are you there Im going to Pray now Lord Even in church I feel like I dont belong
    What would I ask when I see you I see now that lust is just not just not worth it what can I tell you Lord I need you because my fellow man can only help a little my heart is so easily ...easily lost my train of thought holy spirit teach me im listening now..

  • proverb 1w


    Gone again been gone again far away you cant find me there you might want me here I am looking for myself but Im tired Im sleepy I am me.

  • proverb 1w

    Leviticus 18: 22-23

    You shall not lie with a male as with a woman.It is an abomination

    Nor shall you mate with any animal to defile yourself with it, Nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it.It is perversion.

  • proverb 1w

    Normal again

    When will things go back to normal was it ever normal I guess there are different definitions for normal its time for you to come out your comfort zone Lets see if you truly believe in your God cause look now you have the oppurtunity to fully trust in him because as time goes on faith grows stronger the longer the road to find normality.

  • proverb 2w

    No choice raise that Baby God takes no pleasure in seeing babies murdered.
    Especially those who are sex selective.

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    Psalm 139:13-16

    For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my Mother's womb....Your eyes saw my unformed body.All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

  • proverb 2w

    Sons and daughters shall prophecy

    The Children are afraid of eachother they hide behind their phones I thought all was ashamed of God but I gave up on this generation but God didnt he showed me that there are young men who fear him and young women who are gracious and selfless sound and without confusion.They jump and dance for their saviour Oh Lord you are merciful Oh Lord you are longsuffering and you know what comes next eventhough the parents of these children made their mistakes through accidents you create legends through Sorrow you create true happiness I have a purpose and so do YOU.

  • proverb 2w

    Sometimes in a summertimes

    Why was I born my Mother's life wasnt all that pretty she made my brother before me then me then suddenly...what Am I saying Im writing, today I was crying the rain fell dripped on me I think about how unfair this life is man is not equal some are beautiful, rich ,very smart sometimes it seems like God forgets us or love them more than us but there is a saying The least important people is the Most important to God hopefully thats true but Im anxious for nothing on this earth nothing at all smile I will try too tomorrow will see me again the end wake me up friend.

  • proverb 2w

    Walking up

    You live to die you die to live thats how it goes you meet New people the feeling of making a friend is nice you say goodbye You never see them again year after year all things become New old things just hunt you life is like walking up a long stairs everystep takes effort some steps has obsticles sometimes you get tired walking sometimes you help someone stock on a step sometimes you trip but remember Jesus always picks you up when you fall down.