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  • psycheee 17w


    I'd be happy to see you build your world
    I'd be happy to see you already with her
    I'd be happy to see you knowing your safe
    I'd be happy to see you tie up someones shoes
    I'd be happy to see you forgetting about me
    I'd be happy fo see you already unloved me
    Im fine I need to
    Dream on man
    Ill be right here
    As long as you're happy
    Being selfless is nothing to me.

  • psycheee 30w

    Youth II

    When a youth is being inlove
    They didn't even know what they want
    Sometimes because of that love
    I wonder what's got into youth today

    I can see it
    and I can feel it
    Love in youth must be truth, and arise
    Don't be blind and must be wise

    Youth are way drowning to titanic of love
    How badly as you wish to be watching
    Your son or daughter
    Play the spirit of love today?

  • psycheee 30w

    Youth I

    We can't even deny
    It is hard growing up today
    Youth are going through everyday
    Nobody knows

    They think they are in love with a man or woman
    Until the person hurts them
    And still chase who leaves them
    They don't know where they might end

  • psycheee 41w


    Stars shines brightly at night
    Moon seems there to light
    Keeping my eyes above
    And thinking you my love

    But suddenly I realized
    That tomorrow I will mesmerised
    This things come to an end
    Every morning I wakened

    Dreaming is my scape tho
    Keeping reality to be with you
    Evening is my eased
    Hello darkness my friend