Had many emotions just deep down my soul

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  • pure__soul 11w

    The beautiful conversation beside the seashore being comfortable with each other's company....
    The teasing and the irritating behaviour of yours...
    The emotions the laughter the moments
    Are like golden memories for me .....

  • pure__soul 11w

    I have not built an taj mahal for you
    No other monuments nor statue
    Have never expressed or told my sense of care
    Have never gifted anything costlier ....
    But the love for you is much more in my heart
    Which is as high as the limit of sky could be...
    Love should be an eternal feelings ....
    Not an materialistic thing

  • pure__soul 11w

    Have a attitude ...
    Like wherever you go you spread the positivity all around

  • pure__soul 11w

    Have the gurdge to
    face the reality of
    this fake world

  • pure__soul 16w

    Dream big

    Always have an positive response
    Always have an hope
    Just I dream big ...
    And in my mind's eye there's no limit of imagining me at such a position

  • pure__soul 17w

    Little Girl

    Unknown to the upcoming world ....
    Was njoying her own little world ....
    Had never known of what is going to happen in future.....
    Selfishness blaming arguing all these were not in her dictionary ....

    When she grew up had faced a lot of circumstances ....
    Many a blames and because of her humbleness everyone was thinking her weak .....But nobody knew that when she get hurt or being dishearten the good this also goes upside down in her view

  • pure__soul 17w


    I fear to confront this world..
    I just fear the selfish minds of this being
    Am unknown of what is going to happen in future
    But I had fear that how will I survive at present

  • pure__soul 17w


    Finally the day had arrived after a month
    The moon that is Charming up above
    Marks the end of Ramzan (fasting)
    Glory be to thee and thou mankind
    All that encaptures the beauty of moon sighting for the celebrations
    Eid Mubarak!!!!
    Best wishes frm poonam

  • pure__soul 17w

    Everyone getting lazy
    Without any work
    Bt virus has attacked human beings
    As cyclone destroys the nature

  • pure__soul 17w

    Long term

    It's been a long term relationship
    But I am not missing the late night conversation and gossips of evng
    The care and the time giving to each other
    Because it's continuing like that now also........