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  • purple_violet 4d

    I wish
    you were
    But you
    cannot be
    So I
    will stop
    And make do
    with myself

  • purple_violet 1w

    If I were you, I would never let me go

  • purple_violet 8w


    Feliz Cumpleaños������

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    Dreams come true
    Success in whatever you do
    Better days ahead
    Bon anniversaire

  • purple_violet 9w

    Dancing fireflies
    Serene moon
    Gentle breeze
    Shining stars
    Beautiful nature

  • purple_violet 11w

    Take a knife, slit your wrist, watch the blood flow
    Listening to the evil voices in your head. No!
    Cry to sleep, skip your meals, feel the pain. Oh!
    Feelings are naked and frozen in the snow

    Driving on a knife's edge, trying not to fall
    Walking on a tight rope, can you do this at all?
    Looking for help but there's no one to call
    All alone, all alone in these high walls

    Struggling, walking on broken glass
    Falling, getting lost in messed up jazz
    Asking life for one more dance
    And a chance to leave the dark

    Standing, standing at the bridge
    Searching, looking for a reason to live
    Asking yourself if it is worth it
    Asking yourself "Should I jump in?"

    The voices in your head are pushing you
    But there is something else that you can do
    Don't surrender, shout and cry out, not a dove's coo
    Roar, fight back, throw the demons in the loo

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  • purple_violet 13w


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    Sometimes, it is necessary to feel pain.

    God will not always protect us from the bite but He will protect us from the venom.

  • purple_violet 17w


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    If you want to ignore me, you've got to have my attention
    And that's mine to give

  • purple_violet 19w

    I am special.

    You are special.

    Don't let anyone make you feel less.

  • purple_violet 19w

    Thank God for keeping me this far. I couldn't have done it on my own
    We relax in a bus though the driver is a stranger
    We relax in a ship though the sailor is a stranger
    We relax in a plane though the pilot is a stranger
    Now relax because God is in control.

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    Thank you Jesus

  • purple_violet 19w

    Ariana ��

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