“Writing inspires my inner serial killer”; I’m just an impulsive asexual teenager trying to make the best out of the world I’ve been presented with.

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  • pxrchmxnt 9w

    Illuminate the night

    He stood alone in the darkness
    On the edge of the cliffside
    No ropes, shackles or harness
    Rooted to the ground he resides
    He was to be consumed by the dark
    Forever encasing his cold dead heart
    At last someone gave him a lamp
    That was how the lion fell in love with the lamb

  • pxrchmxnt 10w

    Charred Perfection

    Is that you standing there?
    With your perfect stature
    And malevolent eyes?
    You stand close enough to see
    The speckles of light in your hair
    In the dark that aids your disguise
    I see you standing still
    But next to a bloodied wall
    Time felt lulled
    Even as the rain began to fall

  • pxrchmxnt 42w

    I was thinking about something important today and I ended up composing this mess. #trust

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    Trust can be more akin to glass
    In a similar sense
    Once it is shattered
    The glass won’t reform again

    If by some witchcraft it does
    It will not be the same glass
    Water seeps though its cracks
    And light bounces off of it funny

    It won’t be the same glass
    It will never be an exact copy
    But when you reform it but differently
    And let the light shine through

    You realise that it creates a new pattern
    It’s not the same
    But it can be just as beautiful
    If you give it a chance


  • pxrchmxnt 43w

    Frustrated about something I heard someone say about a girl in our year. It’s so nerve wracking when you come to realise how many ignorant people there are out there in the world just beyond our screens #rant #pain #poetic #hate #angry

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    Sharp words, nothing poetic

    Poetic? Don’t make me laugh
    Is it poetic when words stab?
    Is it poetic when words leave scabs?
    When they destroy the confidence you never had?
    Poetic..that just makes me mad
    It’s not poetic
    It’s nothing but pain
    Pain within words lay
    To shoot down those who have anything to say
    To keep the others at bay
    The others who just put down others all day-
    But it’s all okay
    It’s just poetic? Yes, poetic anyway
    There’s nothing poetic about it
    And that’s a hard to swallow pill
    It’s getting a little sick
    Might as well go for the kill


  • pxrchmxnt 43w

    Have you ever had toxic friends before? I had them once and the only way to have them permanently amputated from me was for me to move to a completely different city. #toxic #pain #friends #poetry #poison

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    When friendship fails

    “Trust me, I’m your friend” they said
    “Don’t just think about yourself” they said
    They have the audacity to be dismayed
    As they witnessed my reaction delayed

    This is why I don’t have friends
    They set up traps and pretend
    Pretend to care, pretend to be there
    They pretend until the truth lies bare

    Bare before the world to see
    The things they pretended to be
    “Friends” was the word across their masks
    The word, the lies, the treachery cast

    Once bitten twice shy; they say
    For years, not once had I seen the light of day
    The light that told me it was all okay
    To hate the people who put me in disarray

    I know better now, it’s all a trap
    A trap for a better set of “friends”
    A trap to keep you neatly wrapped
    Blind in a cruel game of pretend

    I won’t fall for it. I’ll burn if I do
    And they’ll blame me for burning too
    Whip me until I bleed from their lashes
    Even if they were the ones holding the matches


  • pxrchmxnt 43w

    I ate a bag of chips and it just kicked open a switch in me. I must have them all #chips #food

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    Crisps make my day

    Yes all the savoury crisps I’ve had
    To share them would make me mad
    Indeed, I’ve delighted in them all
    All the crisps there are; big or small

    I’ve relished in crisps of sour cream
    Onions, nachos, potatoes and cheese
    Barbecue Doritos and honey
    Crisps, warm and kind in my tummy

    I‘m not picky, I live for crisps
    And I’m not trying to gloat
    I dig further into their bags
    With a heart full of hope

    Hope that there are more crisps
    And I don’t mean to sound bad
    But I seek for their broken bits
    At the very base of the bag

    The world will never fathom
    Nor will ever try to care
    My pleasure; my freedom freedom
    In my savoury crisps affair

    Now look away, I mean it
    These crisps are mine alone
    You can only ever see it
    Until it vanishes into worlds unknown

    Because chips big
    Or chips small
    Call me a pig
    But there’s none
    I’ve eaten them all


  • pxrchmxnt 43w

    Misplaced my glasses earlier and this decidedly came to grace me with inspiration #glasses #eyes #poem

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    Blurred perfection

    These are the eyes, my eyes
    The eyes that see the world
    That light at the sight of a prize
    Eyes that are warm as well as cold

    The world is fuzzy to me; a blur
    Trees turn to clouds of a green stir
    Branches and logs turn to sticks,
    Popsicles to cotton within a few licks,

    Yes these are my eyes
    The eyes that see the world
    Eyes that witness no lies
    With lashes upon eyelids curled

    Sometimes there is glass in between
    Glass that gets stained, broken
    And mostly unbearably obscene
    And sometimes foggy; but it’s a token

    A token of love and gift of sight
    Makes the world seem just right
    I can see it all in darkness or light
    My eyes witness a world so bright

    My eyes have witnessed it all
    From greatest to worst
    With my field of vision so small
    It’s above all a blessing, not a curse


  • pxrchmxnt 43w

    Got into a fight, made me feel bad. #red

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    Red, bubbling in my veins
    Red, taking in the reins
    Red, was all I could see
    Red, was all I could be

    Red, was all it took to set me free


  • pxrchmxnt 43w

    Got back from splitting my head open again. Here’s something terribly exaggerated that I thought about while doodling on the margins of my notes. #rain #sun

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    A little rain on a sunny day

    You sit under a tall oak tree
    Admiring the sun kissed grass
    The warm air
    The drizzle of a nearby river
    The squirrels and bees
    Everything’s nice and warm
    And it’s raining somewhere else in the world
    Coating its glistening liquid ice on every crevice, every plant, every leaf
    And you’re here taking in the view
    This feeling would never end
    “Drip drip”

  • pxrchmxnt 43w

    Here’s a quickie before I retreat to my cave for another day. Have you ever came to a revelation you never wanted, but had to know? #lies #life #death #pretty

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    Pretty lies of life

    I mindlessly wondered off for a mere second
    I didn’t know where I was headed
    I almost stopped to turned back when I hearkened
    The pained sobs, wails of the burdened

    Peering at the space between the trees
    A flower-patch surrounded by bees
    I looked at the space’s darkened edges
    Only to reveal its blood coated ledges

    I backed away aghast, not sure what it was
    But it seemed to contrast from the silent buzz
    Its crimson coat and the yellow sun
    Its sinister atmosphere and the warm fun

    I looked at the flowers and their colourful crowns
    A fuzzy dog that gleamed a beautiful brown
    Beyond the south was a buzzing calm town
    And yet beyond the ledge didn’t make a sound

    Curious, I led myself to the dark edges
    Its crimson floor and bloody ledges
    I looked down below to quite a sight
    A dirty secret that filled me with fright

    Decomposing corpses strewn over each other
    Some in piles, others in the gutter
    They were decomposed beyond repair
    But the fear in their eyes was still there

    Yes the fear, it was more than clear to see
    Something that was hidden well behind the beautiful trees
    The dog, the town, the flowers and bees
    The horrible truth that they didn’t want me to see

    I recorded and burned the event into memory
    The blood, the corpses I wished I didn’t see
    And turned back to the garden, the town
    Everything was much different now

    The flowers were wilted
    The bees were dead
    The dogs were away
    And the town had nothing to say.

    I didn’t see the sun above me
    Everything was off, not where they should be
    The town was dead silent
    Everything went quiet

    I closed my eyes,
    And I sucked in a breath.
    “The pretty lies of life”
    The ugly truth of death.