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  • quandu 11w

    You promised me the world,
    Yet you washed your hands completely of me
    And left, to fulfill the promises you made to her
    I am not the first
    To have loved so intently
    So it fascinates me, why you sit here, begging
    Because where my heart once was
    Is an aimless whole
    With only echoes of your terrible love.


  • quandu 13w

    On a sunny October morning
    In the midst of tall, happy sunflowers is the beautiful girl
    With skin like glossy Barbary wood that blends perfectly with the sunny yellow engulfing her
    Her eyes, like a mixture of hickory and hot chocolate spell out only happiness
    She oozes self confidence with every gentle blink and stare she gives the flowers
    It is in these splendid moments that I realize how awe striking she really is
    For only the happiest of souls and hearts can converse deeply with sunflowers and fit in perfectly with them.


  • quandu 14w

    So many people dream of galaxies
    And marvel at the magnificence of the stars
    They crave to travel into space
    And be one with such an intense beauty
    But if I told them that I have come face to face with such infinite beauty, they would call me a fool
    For on my bed, every single day
    Lies the most mesmerizing creature,
    Even more breathtaking than the galaxy itself
    Her eyes are the color of warm milk and fresh, sweet honey
    And whenever I stare into them
    I see paradise
    And when she smiles, they grow warm
    when she laughs, it means the world to me
    For her laughter is like an orchestra of every beautiful sound you have ever come across -
    Birds chirping in the trees, your favorite song, the smell of freshly baked bread ( chuckles)
    I can go on
    Her hair is jet black, it is like looking into nothingness
    Thick and spiraling in every direction
    Exposing her perfectly chiseled face the color of the earth after a rainy day

  • quandu 18w

    What has the sun taught you? He asked

    The sun, in all her infinite glory has taught me to be myself
    To love myself, to treasure the power I have within me
    To look in the mirror and only see magnificence
    To believe in a world filled with good
    She has taught me to be selfless
    To focus on giving rather than receiving
    Not expecting anything in return because I have a rare gift to share
    To go into a relationship looking at what I can give rather than what I can receive
    To do what is expected of me
    To spread love, to love all
    She says that is my MAGIC
    To leave a mark in people's lives
    By being me


  • quandu 20w

    A swig of red wine and I was in an extraordinary mood.
    I definitely enjoy the admiration of the dashing young ladies in my audience.
    I'll gladly admit that live off of their envy, their prayers and recitations to find a man
    A man like Sean.
    My eyes twinkle as I entertain them with stories
    Of how charming he is
    How acceptable he is

    But laying down beside him
    I have come to realize that
    He is a gentleman to every woman
    Every woman
    Except me.

  • quandu 21w


    I am surrounded by breath-taking women.
    I stare at them, dazzled because each one of them is a queen in her own way.
    Crowns sit on their heads, glistening in the flowing sunlight, because we are royalty and it is our natural birth rite.
    My eyes rest upon the golden rays and here, in this park we look like fine art- different shades of black and white.
    We are fine art.
    We are the definition of feminine because we are female and have different stories to tell.
    We are tapestries, story books, museums of so much value and importance.
    We are eagles, brave and mighty not flowers waiting to bloom.
    We are so much more.
    We are women.

  • quandu 26w

    Your tears grew wild flowers, whose roots hugged you around the head and created a crown of magnificence

  • quandu 30w

    " But... I love you.", he pleaded

    " Darling", I said, " if you could talk to the Iron bars and chains of previous sorrows, pain and lies surrounding my fragile heart....... Would they bend out of their way, melt at the sound of truth in your voice? Or would they only grow stronger and create yet another shield of pain? "

  • quandu 34w

    To my old self ; my young self.

    You have been through tough times.
    You have attempted to climb mountains, but have been sent tumbling down.
    You have hidden your bruises, hoping they will blend in with the fake smiles and false happiness.
    You lost your values once, when pleasing others stripped you of your confidence and stained you like mud on a harsh, rainy day.
    You felt silly, when they said you never cared, just because you thought it best to put yourself first.
    You were judged, for trying to discover yourself.

    To my old self, I forgive you.
    Your mistakes have taught me to be strong, to believe in myself, to love myself and to value the woman in me. To flourish.
    You are healed of your experience, you are free!
    With love, 20 year old me!

  • quandu 34w

    His words, like a great orchestra of grief played loudly in my mind.
    The blossoms of love, perched in my heart - as fragile as glass- wilt softly and create a soft blanket of sorrow.
    Like ornamental blooms, his words find a place in my soul and become a part of me.

    I'm determined to use this creative magic to weave a heart of peace.