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  • queen_hearted 19h


    You are someone for whom I "crave"

    I am craving for your warm hug
    I crave for your arms
    I can cry in
    Cry my whole heart out
    Cry until I feel gratified.

    Do you remember?
    When I sob
    At your every text after a month
    For you know right?
    For I realise my angel has come
    To bring me back to life.

    You know I agitate of the dark.
    I am afraid of being afraid
    I feel petrified of this continuous ignorance
    I am afraid of these thoughts
    Of me being beaten up dreadfully
    Coz I was trying to breathe

    You know I love stars
    But restrained to be under night sky
    You know? I keep up with your words
    My face up towards the stars
    3 steps forward
    And then 3 backwards

    My only desire? - love
    I loved to be loved; cared; and pampered
    I want to be understood
    I love acting foolishly
    I don't want to be mature

    You have left me completely
    I am back into dark
    I am shivering
    My anxiety is killing me everyday

    I still remember the night
    When I was wailing
    My tears rolled down my cheeks
    One after another
    I was gazing at your pictures
    Kissing your dimples in my phone

    Wishing for you to be there
    Cuddling me and telling me
    That you will never leave my hand
    Coz you know I am afraid
    I am afraid of you telling me
    That you will leave me forever
    And I will loose all contacts with you

    For you are someone for whom I crave.

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  • queen_hearted 1d

    @beasty_ ���� shukriya ���� ek aur mauka dene ke liye ☺
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    Ke maine dard pohochaya tumhe
    Maine kitni berehmi se tumhe thukra diya
    Aur tumhe itni kadar thi meri
    Ki mere ek baar rokar maafi maangne par
    Mere aansu poonch kar mujhe apna liya.

  • queen_hearted 2d


    Sleepless nights; millions of thoughts
    My brain is pervaded with reminiscences
    Anyone there who can help me out?
    It's hitting me hard; I want to scream
    My throat has choked! Am I still alive? I doubt.

    My eyes are wet ; but none can perceive
    I am going numb ; can someone help me feel?
    Ohh I have been subdued can anyone restore?
    Here is the throng ; but where am I?
    At the corner of the streets ; dumb and reticent
    Ohh I can't breathe ; shall I die?

    It's so suffocating ; I am scared of dark
    Why everyone leave? When needed the most?
    My loved ones cheated they were the one to stab
    No one loves me ; there is no one to care
    No one wants me ; oh I am so drab

    Why I am depressed? I shall be no more
    I am lifeless I am drowning can someone hold?
    Please dont rip me anymore I already know I am futile
    I really wanna change I beg can anyone help me remould

    I am all done ; I don't need someone
    I demand for love ; maybe I don't deserve
    It's my life which stabs me everyday
    I am all hopeless turned almost into a stone
    Ok no one ready? I am ready to bleed
    Hate me more break me more
    I promise you will be dismayed
    Coz this time I am stronger to fight "alone".

    I am sure you all can relate. ☺ not related to me ��

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  • queen_hearted 2d

    Plz smjho mazaak soch kar kara karo.aise koi mazaak mat karo jisse koi aapse ummeed laga le.

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    Mazaak aisa bhi na kariye
    Ki koi aapse iss kadar ummeed lagaye
    Ki baad me aap to keh do mazaak hai
    Aur doosra koi toot kar bikhar jaye.

  • queen_hearted 3d

    "Live dead"

    My importance? You will realise
    I am soon gonna leave
    My presence? You will crave for
    You will die in grieve

    You will search for me.
    Till then I would be buried in grave
    You will rove crying for me
    And I will be harking the sorrow of other spirits their loved ones gave
    To punish the once who broke us
    Me with other spirits will strategise everything in a conclave

    You will see me everywhere
    And suddenly I will disappear
    My reminiscences will haunt you
    You will scream out if guilt and fear

    One day on the streets wandering
    You will find a living corpse
    You will be quivering my body particularly head
    I will act like a comma patient though I would be no more
    As I will turn into someone "live dead".

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    Live dead

  • queen_hearted 5d

    Relatable?? It's not me though. So better not relate., ��

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    The thought of why is it happening and it should not happen haunts more than anxiety itself.

  • queen_hearted 5d

    Relatable?? Maybe it needed to be posted once again.

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    Sometimes I panic over useless thoughts
    It starts all of a sudden
    It's a feeling I cant share with anyone
    I just start panicking that i will be caught

    I take decisions at that time
    Which I sometimes regret later
    I start crying all of a sudden
    I fear that someone may hack my account
    I get a shiver down my spine

    I start regretting over my actions earlier performed
    And sometimes over the actions I am performing now
    I am hiding this complete feeling from my parents
    I see myself into another world completely transformed

    My blood starts rushing to my heart
    My hearts beats so fast
    I start feeling dizzy
    Like i am gonna die the next moment
    My life at that time restarts

    I feel I am all alone
    Even after finding so many people around me i am depressed
    Shortness of breath is my all time reason; I panic
    I sometimes start shivering too
    But people say that I am performing dramas creating a mess
    It's a feeling that no I can't express

    I am writing it for my own self
    May be trying to relieve myself
    I just tell myself that no I can't cry
    When my own parents say that I am alright
    I have a habit to cry
    I say it's my anxiety which may not go away itself.
    Yes I am crying I am crying
    No one listen but
    I am still not helpless
    I am trying yes I am crying.

  • queen_hearted 5d

    Friend - this time we will celebrate your birthday.

    Me - you know I never do it.

    Friend - come on na we will be partying together.

    Me - i hate that deafening music.

    Friend - ohh damm you are so boring. Why so? May i know the reason?

    Inner me - noooo stop ittt i am not a looser. Go away I dont want to cry again plz gooooo. I hate you. Dont come again ( because I already have too much noise inside me which troubles me everyday )

  • queen_hearted 1w

    My definition of success
    Hard work for smart work + consistency = sucess

  • queen_hearted 1w

    I guess you can relate with it. Coz this is what you people give to your self. And maybe this is what you give to others too. It's a motivational poem not a sad one. Kindly read for letting yourself know the real thing. Thank you����.

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    I overlove ; i overcare
    I overdo ; result? - despair
    Your every mistake - I spare
    Of your lies - I am well aware

    My heart breaks
    The broken half aches
    Am I made for being taken granted?
    Or is it all my mistake?

    You are rude; you ignore
    You lie; truth? - you don't want me anymore
    You have changed ; I am being abhorred
    Will there be any moment?
    When you may deplore?

    Am I bad? Or worst?
    I ask myself daily
    For i neither protest nor complain
    I never ignore and always available
    I don't owe still I explain

    I always forgive only seeking for your attention
    You better condemn me rather than pretension
    Yes I feel hurt too on your deception
    If you are bored of me let me know
    Why do you always misinterpret my intension?

    I am never angry nor easy to offend
    I am bad at expressing
    Did you ever crave for my presence?
    Like I do for yours?
    Or can't you see my tears
    That I am always suppressing

    A bit possessive a bit stubborn
    Never free still take out time
    No attitude still you are not mine
    It's never my mistake still I plead and say sorry
    I fear loosing you but it's always hatred you give and I carry
    May be that's why always taken for granted
    Always undervalued still spread love
    Yes I know I take myself for granted
    I know I undervalue my tears
    And that's why always broken
    Always left out at first never chosen.