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  • queengee4kt 29w

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  • queengee4kt 29w

    In Summer

    The biggest star shine the brightest this time of year
    For it makes everything in front of you clear
    The warmth of it's breathe as if it was breathing on you
    Sometimes overdone feels like hot glue
    The heat is good gives you an excuse to go to the beach
    Play in the sand, eating watermelon such a treat
    My favorite season, yes it is
    My favorite season, even when it fades

  • queengee4kt 29w

    The Return

    I've been off for a while
    You know doing things without a smile
    Looking at life in it's darkest form
    Flying an airplane into a storm
    Looking for a better way to fit in
    Yet I don't want to be a norm
    Loosing focus in what I love
    Writing poems from deep within my heart
    Forgetting my dreams and goals
    Well I've return miraquill
    And thanks to you I can rebuild
    Rebuild the lantern that give me hope and light the way
    The Return of my true self starts today

  • queengee4kt 52w

    Be open towards those who you trust and want in your its easier for them to understand you better.

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    Comment topics to write on

  • queengee4kt 52w

    The mind can be very twisted at times

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    The Twist

    The life I live is full of regrets
    The life I want is impossible to get
    I'm so thankful I have my imagination
    Without it my heart would be dark and there will be no illumination
    When I wake up In the morning I pray and say God bless
    When I wake up am restless because I had no rest
    So did I really wake up? No or yes?
    To answer that question you must be studious

  • queengee4kt 65w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Vast

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    I vast to do well on every decision i make

  • queengee4kt 65w

    Live,Love,Enjoy life

  • queengee4kt 66w

    The Forgotten and the Forgiven

    In each situation either you or forgotten or forgiven. If you are forgotten you know longer exist in that person life. They no longer want you as a friend or apart of them for you had done something terribly wrong.

    If you are forgiven then congrats you were really sorry for what you done and probably what you done wasn't too major. The forgiven sometimes get to carry away and thinks that every time they do something they will be forgiven until all there chances are up and now is the forgotten.

    Which do you want to be the forgiven or forgotten?

  • queengee4kt 67w

    The Battles

    The 1st hardest battle is between you and the old you
    The 2nd hardest battle is between your heart and your mind