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  • queenofrealms 3w

    Beauty - An Illusion

    Look up the internet you will find this definition of beauty: the quality of being physically attractive , the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind.

    So everyone will look up for different things that will please them .
    So in a way if you find someone beautiful it's totally your opinion maybe for any other person it's not neccessary that they would find pleasure . And sometimes you end up body shaming that person because that person didn't fit in your definition of beauty .

    Wait a minute . I am not blaming you completely .

    Actually it's the fault of each and every one of us . We never learned to appreciate things other than the society's preference of beauty .

    Answer this .
    Do you make lame face when you see a bouquet of wilted flowers ?
    For God's sake don't deny . Fresh flowers with "pleasant" smell will always attract you the most.

    So these little actions of ours are the root of the mindset we see . Beauty , an illusion , is covering our eyes . This materialism has no use . Trust me .

    Those who have become tired of trying their best to achieve this definition think once again .
    If they say you are short , ugly, dark ,etc and whatever that comes to their mind . Ask yourself that why are you doing hard work or crying over their words ? And if you want to seek everyone's attention then dear you are walking on a wrong path return back . Because it won't give you any advantage other than your heartbreak .

    Those who give advice ( like , do this it will definitely work) thinking that it is care, think before you speak, it hurts . Your words might create an everlasting impact on the other person .

    At last I would say that everyone knows that beauty is perishable still they search it everywhere .

    If you have any different idea about beauty then let me know . Cause for me it remains an illusion #diary #thoughts

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    Beauty - An Illusion

    Wilted flowers are different
    Burnt chapati has atypical aroma
    It is all dependent on your mind
    Your view of taking things are enough to define
    But don't move away with the crowd
    You will return with eyes full of expectations

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  • queenofrealms 4w

    The nights haunt me each time
    Darkness takes me to a new place

    Spirits of my thoughts meet me
    Reviving dismal notions ,
    I drift away with them
    The present becomes ethereal

    Me, who was just dethroned
    From her realm of sleep
    Lies awake on an islet of hope
    But there's no way back home !
    - queenofrealms

    #poetry #life

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    But there's no way back home !
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  • queenofrealms 9w


    My sublime thirst concluded the day
    You served me a glass of pain
    Engulfed to satisfy you , dismay
    All my efforts gone in vain

    Still went to you with a ray of hope
    But got locked in room of disdain
    For your warmth , I grope
    Sharp icicle stab , I attain

  • queenofrealms 10w

    Under the twinkling dark sky
    Moonlight be my spotlight
    Wanna dance with closed eyes
    The cold breeze rushes to meet
    Shivers my body , increase the heat
    Tranquil mind , zeal still uplift

    Under the twinkling dark sky,
    Wind showers on dancefloor, orchid flowers
    Feet sensing the warmth, cold petals
    When listless, lie on blanket of flower
    Falling in deep slumber , conscious
    My soul departing to a new locus

    P.C.- Rightful owner

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  • queenofrealms 10w


    P.C. - rightful owner

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    Strugglesome past
    indispensable part of


  • queenofrealms 11w

    तुमने क्या जादू चलाया ,
    मुझे अपने वश में कर लिया ।

    तुझे देख दिल का तेज़ धड़कना,
    ना देखने पर दिल का थम जाना ।

    आंखों को तेरे बिन सुकून ना मिलना ,
    तुझे देखते ही नज़रें ना मिलाना ।

    ख्वाब में आकर नींद उड़ा ले जाना,
    जब ख्वाब न आए तो बेचैन-सा होना ।

    तुम्हारा नाम सुनते ही बड़ी मुस्कान आना,
    इस मुस्कान का फिर जल्दी ना जाना ।

    तुमसे ही बात करने का मौका ढूंढना,
    तुम्हे देखते ही एकटक यूं निहारना ।

    फिर भी जादूगर को पता ना चला,
    उसने किसी को मंत्रमुग्ध कर दिया ।



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  • queenofrealms 11w

    This is a work of fiction .

    Search for #themotel_ss to read previous posts


    "Fine , I am going . Call me tomorrow will come to pick you all ", said Simi and went driving the car away.

    After some time they went down floor to have dinner. While walking to the ground floor they stopped near a painting. Darshna clicked a picture of it. Then Shreya pointed towards the painting and said,"Look at the picture in your phone, and the painting. They are different."

    Then Darshna zoomed the picture. but suddenly, her mobile switched off then when her mobile started the picture was found nowhere. The lights in the corridor started blinking , they moved out from there. And they reached in front of an open room where old furniture were kept . When they entered the room they felt like someone was just beside them. The room was exceptionally colder than other rooms . An old wooden box caught their attention . There was a picture frame inside it . When they took it out , it was the portrait of the receptionist. Now the mystery of this hotel was increasing .

    They headed towards the dining hall . Darshna pointed out that there's no other guests apart from them , and there were only 2 staff members for food services.
    When they were having their dinner Darshna received a message from Simi which said that " Just now I reached the hotel which I booked, same as the one where you all are staying . The hotel manager here is saying he has no other associate hotel . I am sure that hotel is haunted . I am reaching in 2 hours ."

    After reading the message she slowly passed her mobile to Alisha who was sitting just beside her . They weren't ready to believe Simi's words and thought that it's a prank .
    But, wait a minute why weren't they able to see the hotel members in the big mirror hung at the wall. This made them believe every single word of Simi .

    They left the dining table and moved towards their room shivering . After moving upstairs , to their surprise they couldn't find their room and everytime they ended at room 13 .
    Electricity was out and darkness surrounded them . Heartbeats fastened and fear increased as the time passed . They were hearing sounds like someone is just behind them and calling for help , now they lost their senses. Started knocking on the door of room 13 for help . God exists . There was a person inside the room . He asked them to quickly come inside .
    Now lots of questions rose in their mind . Who was he? How did he reach here? How can they escape from this evil place?

    He said ,"My story is long. If I will start narrating then how will I help you all to get out of this place ."
    Alsisha asked him , " If you know how to get out of this place then why are you living here? Why didn't you help yourself ? "
    "Listen to me carefully . I am spellbound that's why I couldn't move out of this hell and I don't want you all to be stuck here like me . So do as I say . You don't have much time .", replied the man .

    "There's a small house near the parking area . I have heard that it was once a place of worship that's why they never go inside it . You have to anyhow reach that area . Also if you hear someone calling you from behind never turn back , keep moving . They may try to trick you but remember that they can never hurt you . " said the man .

    Mobile flashlights on and they were on their way to the final destination . Different kinds of voices calling for help and asking their names with a constant feeling that someone's keeping eye on them . While on the stairs they felt as if the stairs are never ending . The corridors were more like a maze .
    Finally they found the entrance door . They quickly ran towards the room and waited for Simi .
    After sometime Simi reached the hotel and they escaped from the haunted hotel .

    When Shreya woke up in the dawn she saw a sign board . She turned back to read it . It said "Kuldhara village 70 km⬆" .

    "Oh my god . We were roaming in Kuldhara Village!", said Shreya .


    P.S. - Online classes of school and coaching have made time management a difficult task for me .

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  • queenofrealms 13w

    This is a work of fiction

    Search #themotel_ss to read previous posts


    Simi took out her phone and started searching for hotels . While going through the list of hotels one caught her attention. It had a peculiar beauty which captivated Simi and she quickly booked a room .

    It was 8 in the evening , they stopped their car infront of a hotel .It was an old fort converted into a hotel but no renovation was done .
    "Is this the hotel you booked ? ",Alisha asked Simi
    "Di , this looks different from the one in the image while the name is same . They cheated us ", said Simi to Alisha .
    "Don't worry . We have to spend just one night , we don't have to live here", said Alisha.
    " We can't do anything, this is the only hotel here on this deserted way ", Darshna added .

    "No gatekeeper . Strange . Guys be seated in the car I am opening the gate ", said Shreya stepping out of the car . While opening the gate she heard a cat moaning. But she ignored it.
    Alisha drove her car to the entry door of the hotel . An old man came to help them park the car .
    They moved inside the hotel towards the receptionist asking for keys to their rooms which Simi booked online . But , the receptionist was startled and said," Sorry ma'am but ,we don't book rooms online ".
    "What is this ? They are playing tricks first they uploaded a false picture and now saying that they don't book online ", Simi said angrily .
    "Hey calm down . Let's book a room . We all are tired and its dark outside ."said Shreya
    "Make sure it's on the top floor . I have heard that the sunrise in Jaisalmer is beautiful. I want to see that ", said Darshna.
    "There are total 14 rooms here . 12 are on ground floor and 2 on the first floor . Room 13 and 14 are on first floor ", said the receptionist.
    "Okay. So let's book rooms 13 and 14 ", said Shreya .
    "Sorry ma'am, room 13 is currently unavailable", said the receptionist.
    Shreya and Darshna were observing the artefacts and furniture showcased in the hotel .
    "You know , this place is bit strange . Look all the paintings are placed on the west wall. This is not considered good in Vastu . And they have placed pictures of the heirs of the Fort as if the owner of the hotel has not invested much money for the renovation of this place ", said Darshna.
    "I heard a cat moaning while I was opening the gate . Well that doesn't matter ", added Shreya.
    " Really? Cat's crying indicates that something unexpected can happen . I think this hotel is haunted . Did you all noticed that till now no guest is observed ",said Simi in a low voice .
    "It's all in the mind . Ghosts are not real . Now come on I am going to the room", said Darshna .
    While Darshna and Shreya moved towards their room , near the reception a fight broke between Simi and Alisha . Simi wanted to go to a better hotel but Alisha was tired and angrily shouted at Simi that if she wanted to go she can go .
    "Fine , I am going . Call me tomorrow will come to pick you all ", said Simi and went driving the car away.

    To be continued


    I am really sorry for the delay . I had to submit some assignments online thats why I couldn't post it then .

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  • queenofrealms 13w

    Just read about the boyslocker news . Even educated ones are doing such cheap acts . While our country is fighting the pandemic these jerks entered the scene . This was very disturbing .

    I wrote down whatever came in my mind .

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    Technology , for development
    Rather used for threatening
    Improvement of skills
    But, no upgradation of ethics

    Humans, the intelligents
    Still cheap , their acts

    She's bold
    Make her weak
    Edit her pics and
    Now you know the trick

    Social media
    The hub of filthy minds
    Planning the worst nightmare
    For any girl , still no guilt

    Did you know ?
    Animals are also not safe
    Let me specify , female ones
    Let it be dog , goat or cow
    Even, the dead bodies of graveyard

    Humans are turning animals
    No not animals , even animals have manners
    They are turning devils