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  • queenofwands 3w

    For my Nana,

    Go to sleep my dear
    You no longer have to live in pain.
    I'm letting you depart
    Go in peace, my dear.

  • queenofwands 10w


    The pandemic is finally making us work together as a human civilization.

  • queenofwands 20w


  • queenofwands 24w

    Today my best friend's boyfriend texted me saying he wants to throw a surprise party for her. I realised how much I actually crave for things like these which I'm never going to get.

  • queenofwands 26w

    One morning, all the traces of you was gone. I think I'm finally free.

  • queenofwands 27w

    Self love?

    Simple words with a complex meaning. The world has started a so called movement and named it self love, where you can be who you want to be, giving zero fucks about criticism. Period. You can find this word as captions on pictures with filter. Darling, if you really loved yourself, why would you use that filter. ' I am the best', 'I am right', 'I desrve better'. This is not called loving yourself. This is loving your ego. Your ego tells you that you are way above everybody and you should be treated differently.
    What is self love?
    These are the things you need to start your self love journey-
    1. Trauma
    2. Giving up on the world
    3. Realising family does not always stick together
    4. Giving up on the will to live.
    Fortunately, you survive that one day or multiple days where you tried to kill yourself because you feel you have nobody. It's like your screaming at the top of your lungs and nobody even looks up. But, YOU SURVIVED. Now, you have come in terms with the fact your family is not always there, your friends are also going to get tired because you are not a stable person. What now? You cry and cry and cry. And then the day comes. When you look at yourself in the mirror and realise that you have come this far. You stop covering up for people you love. You reach a place where everything is at peace. You don't loathe yourself anymore. And even when you realise that nobody is there for you, it might hurt a little, but it fades when you look at yourself. AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN HERO.

  • queenofwands 27w

    At the end of that day, you have to be your own hero.

  • queenofwands 27w

    That was the last time I saw you.
    It's going to be one year,
    I still couldn't find you.
    I saw the bad omen
    But you made sure to tell me
    That your love would never fade.
    Maybe your love isn't lost,
    But you definitely are.
    Waiting for you to come home

  • queenofwands 27w

    Theres no point in living this life like a coward

  • queenofwands 28w

    Where is the light

    Life has never been the same since that day. Life has never been the same after you realise you safe the only one standing up for yourself. Family, friends, the live of your life, they all leave you when things get dark. You cannot sit in a dark place, waiting for someone to show you the light. Rescue yourself. Love yourself enough to let it go. Don't look for the light desperately. Let it shine from within you. Accept that certain things cannot change and certain people will never understand you no matter how much they love you. Only you can understand yourself well enough. The light is within you.
    © Yashveeni