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  • queenrose 11w

    You Give Me Reasons to Smile and Teach me what Life is all About,Your Not only My Mentor but u Explore My World and Every Part Of Me, You Make me Wonder if you are My Guardian angel or My Temptation, You give me Reasons to Love you More than I thought I would ever Do....You are My Royalty and My Fairly Tale✌️♥️

  • queenrose 17w

    The Light in a Dark Tunnel.

    She Walked through the Dusty Roads,
    With the Hot Sun shining above her so Bright than ever,
    Her Skin Changed Colors like She was a Human Chameleon,
    She Never stopped walking on the Rough and Lonely Roads,
    She Had a Dream she Wanted to bring to Reality,
    Her Dreams Outshines the World,

    She Is The Light In A Dark Tunnel.

  • queenrose 17w


    We Met In a Critical Condition during a Bad War,
    We Communicated and Found out We were One,
    We Found Peace Within our Own selves,
    We Stayed Awake all night and we always forgot that we had heavy Crosses on our Shoulders to carry,
    We Helped each other when we could and We Understood the Bond We had.
    We Called ourselves Family and we were the strongest family to Stand So Tall.

    We are a Pillar that can't be pulled down.
    We are a Family with a Beautiful History ❤️.

  • queenrose 18w

    I am Tired Of the World and The Humans Living in it.
    I Feel More Depressed than I have ever felt but it's Now a Part of My World.
    I don't want to Live, Neither do I want to Die.

    I am more Broken than I have ever been,
    I don't Need Help,
    I Need Peace of Mind and Everlasting Happiness.

  • queenrose 19w

    I Love Someone,
    Someone I can have to myself,
    Someone I can Tell My Deepest Flaw,
    Someone That Moulded Me into a Better Me.

    I Love Someone,
    Someone that Completes My Fantasy.

  • queenrose 23w


    The pain grows more and more until you get used to it...
    Sometimes being in the Dark is amazing because you have to get your own special space and Peace...
    But again the need of being wanted by the one you love fills you up with pain.

    I got used to my own pain by turning my own Sadness to Happiness...I HV decided to be my own Agony and Pain.

  • queenrose 24w


    Looking Up to the Clouds to See the 7 Colors of The Rainbow all calling my name.
    The Happiness in my Heart Knows no Bounds and the Smile in My face Makes the Sky more Bright than it Could Ever Be.
    The Rainbows Complete the Happiness I Long For.

  • queenrose 24w

    I will Watch You Get Broken, Chattered,Sad and I will Watch You Bleed.
    Then I will Pay the Price For Your Death Bed and I will Build a Golden Coffin that Will Fit Your Wretched Soul.

  • queenrose 25w

    Locked up in my own Dream,where I thought I would find Peace and Happiness again but all I see is Darkness and all I can feel is the coldness of my own Soul,my Heart is Empty and my Soul wants to be loved without being Judged.

  • queenrose 25w

    Finally I have decided to make peace with My Angel.

    Finally I have Concluded on Setting My Demon Free.

    Finally I shall be the New Girl You Never want to see.