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    God was born and lit the lights in darkness.
    Mother marry was there to bring him
    To bring him for us
    To bing him for everyone
    He died for his people

    Those people who are now puppets of political drama
    Those people who are fighting over everything
    With everyone
    The darkness again rose and may God take a rebirth to curb this and bring a morning of blossoms

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    Life ke twist and turns

    A single waive of destiny can create number of twist and turns in life

  • quote_by_sakshi 9w

    When you are done with getting yourself red with tears no blush can make you red

  • quote_by_sakshi 11w

    Pyaar ka khumar

    Iss kadar tujhe chahne lage hai
    Teri yaad mein baithe baithe ghanto bitaane lage hai

    Tere pyaar Ka khumaar iss kadar humpr chaaya hai
    Dil dimaag yeh ruh meri - koi iske vaar se na Bach paaya hai

    Yeh Dil tujhe Yaad Kar Karke har pal pukaarta hai
    Jismein ehsaas na ho tera, har us cheez se nakaarta hai

    Dard deti hai bahut kabhi kabhi tujhse yeh doori
    Kaash hum aaram se reh paate saath abhi, na hoti koi majboori

    Dil mein pyaar liye beshumaar tere koi baitha hai
    Milke ko tujhse dekhne ko tujhe yeh bekaraar hai
    Jab honge hum Saath apni pyaar ki duniya mein
    Uss ghadi Ka besabri se mujhe intezaar hai...

  • quote_by_sakshi 15w


    Nature has a nature to forgive everyone

    But dont make it you nature to destroy everytime.

  • quote_by_sakshi 15w


    There is no sleep in dreaming eyes.


  • quote_by_sakshi 15w

    Monday blues...

    Monday blues are the sunshine from blue
    That gives us hope everyweek.
    That make us belive that we are important.
    That make us feel proud of ourselves.
    That make us rely on ourselves.
    That make us love who we are.
    They make us confident, yes we are doing it and we can do it.

    Monday blues are not torture ,
    It is a sunshine that actually nurture.

    Keep shining,
    Keep doing,
    Keep progressing.
    A happy weekend only comes when we have these monday blues in life.

    Have a happy monday and a happy week.


  • quote_by_sakshi 15w


    Patriotism is a feeling,
    It really doesnt required to be shown everywhere.
    It is felt and proved at times it is required.


  • quote_by_sakshi 16w


    I belong to a world where the cost of human life is judged by a person's pocket.


  • quote_by_sakshi 16w

    Love or hate ?

    Love or hate .
    But both feelings will kill you one day deep inside.