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  • r____n__s 1w

    Thats where I always go wrong with people,
    When I think I mean a lot more, when I actually dont.

  • r____n__s 1w

    Of all those fears in me
    I guess fear of falling in love is the worst.

  • r____n__s 1w

    It hurts me,
    That each day light comes through my window sill showing me what Iam.
    It hurts me,
    That my eye wanders around places finding other to look back in to.
    It hurts me,
    That what Iam is not what I should be, what I feel should not be who Iam.
    It hurts me,
    That this stays in, engulfing me in its overwhelming hands, so very cold.
    It hurts me,
    That my voice keeps fading down when my emotions tend to cry out.

  • r____n__s 2w

    You have to laugh a little louder
    To know how torn you are inside.

  • r____n__s 3w

    By unknown writer

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    I am so tired of being alone.

  • r____n__s 3w

    May be there is pain in every smile I give,
    As there is love in every word I write.

  • r____n__s 4w

    May be thats when she knew
    When she could fly high, with him by her side
    May be thats when she knew
    When she could tear up his heart, still could play with it
    May be thats when she knew
    When she was breaking apart, yet could smile wider
    Mayb thats when she knew
    When she was in love, not knowing what its like.

  • r____n__s 7w

    These roads that were not taken
    Now felt like any other
    So did these music
    That threatened my mind,
    All of my letters now stood silent
    So did that rose growing in my heart,
    All of my thoughts that were not silent
    Now stood blank just like death
    So did my words
    That filled all my letters,
    These memories that were unforgiving
    Were now mostly forgotten
    So was that love
    That burned down my soul.

  • r____n__s 8w

    With u,
    I dont even need a spark to burn
    Be it pain,
    or pleasure

  • r____n__s 8w

    I see more colour in night than in day
    I see more peace in tears than in laughter
    I see more strength in pain than in ease
    I see more cause in hatred than in love,
    I see more beauty in your heart than in those eyes.