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  • rabinaneham 13w

    Nijamga na hrudhaya spandana peragadaniki kaaranam neevithe.... naakante adhrustavanthudu ee bhoomi midha marokadu undadu...

  • rabinaneham 13w

    Love Explore

    You no need to reveal your love to me
    I can understand your feelings
    Everytime my heart is exploring your eyes

  • rabinaneham 13w


    A person,
    who cannot share their feelings with anyone
    They will share with paper through words

  • rabinaneham 14w


    அப்பாதான் எல்லா பொண்ணுக்கும்
    முதல் வீரன்...
    வீரன், முன்மாதிரி, கடவுள், ஆசான், நண்பன், முதல், கடைசி
    எல்லாமே என் அம்மா தான்

  • rabinaneham 16w

    Your eyes

    The most valuable diamond in the world is Koh-i-Noor...
    But I saw even more precious two diamonds
    That is your eyes(ne rendu kallu)...
    By Johnson

  • rabinaneham 19w

    Feeling of Love

    There is no words to say about which gives the feeling of broken heart
    There is million of sentences to explain about which gives the feeling of love heart


  • rabinaneham 21w

    Heart Longing

    The love I have is true
    But, you didn't love me really
    Now, I realised about your nature
    However, my heart longing is still heavy

  • rabinaneham 24w


    The hurt that you gave is not only in this life
    That will assuage in my next birth also
    I hate you

  • rabinaneham 26w

    One of the best feeling I ever had that is
    " The moment you cried for me"
    Tears from your eyes gave me a immense pleasure at that time
    Even though my life has given it can't match the drop of tears from your eyes
    By Johnson

  • rabinaneham 28w

    30th December 2019

    The most awaited day is coming
    Now, I pray to God
    Please remove that day from calendar
    Please hide that day from this world
    I have no courage to face that day