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  • rachana_prabhat 3w

    Hey you,
    The non-superficial you,
    The 90s ke gaane sunne wale you,
    The one with those cute lil eyes,
    The one with the cute awaaz you,
    Hey you!

    Riding on that bike with the drink in the sight,
    With the cigarette in the hand, the staring eyes on the right,
    Did you know you sing and the world stops to notice your light?
    Did you know meeting you was a delight?

    Hey you,
    The lovely person you,
    Your stories and the wind that blew!

    I wrote this poem to let you know,
    You're worth this and so much more!
    Your love your songs you at your core,
    Hey you,
    Darling you are what is pure!


  • rachana_prabhat 4w

    तुम्हारे अक्स में मेरा जीवन,
    तुम्हारी यादों में वो सपने,
    तुम्हारे इश्क में मेरी वो हसी,
    तुम्हारे हाथों में मेरा दिल,
    तोड़ कर चले जाओ,
    जोड़ कर चले जाओ।


  • rachana_prabhat 5w

    ये दिल और दिमाग के बीच की रज़्म,
    मुड़ के देखो कि हम फिर एक बार जीत जाएं।


  • rachana_prabhat 8w

    And as we enter the last month of the year, lemme just tell you i know you.

    I know you when I look in your eyes,
    When our fingers intertwine.

    I know the waves calm you down,
    When you're in the mountains there is no frown.

    I know that blue is your favourite colour,
    But there's still so much to discover.

    I know how much there is a lot to talk,
    We can do that on our next walk.

    I know that words you're not good at,
    But life is no fiction and so much fact.

    Let's talk our stories and our secrets and demons,
    Let's love as we learn our reasons.

    I know that you feel it too,
    When there's not much we had to do.

    But darling let's confess as we enter the last month of the year,
    There would be no clouds, all the fog will clear.


  • rachana_prabhat 8w

    Love me to the end of times,
    For each staggered word and each rhyme.

    Love me to see me smile,
    For every tear I cry, for walking each mile.

    Love me as I fall everytime your fingers touch,
    For each time our eyes meet the sky falls as such.

    Love me for my demons and my angelic side,
    For today with no words said, I promise to take you on this crazy ride.

    Love me as I love you, with no compromise,
    For each sunset with you there is a whole other sunrise.

    Love me to the end of times,
    For each staggered word and each rhyme,
    For each promise that we make,
    Darling, I'll be yours and you'll be mine.


  • rachana_prabhat 9w

    मेरी नज़रों के सिरहाने, ऐ इफ्रित, मेरे ख्वाबों को छोड़ देना,
    पिया मिलेंगे इस आस में आज रूह ने तुम्हारी याद दिलाई है।


  • rachana_prabhat 10w

    रोशन कर वो जहां की अंधेरों में रास्ते अनजान मालूम पड़ते हैं।


  • rachana_prabhat 13w

    Collection of My Ruins

    The pretty face the brown eyes,
    The white skin, with no lies.

    If only this was my truth, none would prevail.
    If only the brown would come with no ruth, there would be no veil.

    No eyes would snatch the innocence away, the words couldn't pierce the heart,
    The lust that would never came this way, but oh so much love and no hurt.

    Maybe then you'd love me for me cause now it's just the colour you see,
    Maybe then you'd with me agree, but now the life comes with no guarantee.

    Maybe then I'd be visible to the ones who threw me around, maybe then you'd hold me hand till dawn
    Maybe then the night would end, maybe then the fight would be gone.

    They say to love what you have, to accept and be perfect.
    But how could I be what I could when there's so much to change, so much defect.

    That's all I've known to be, the collection of my ruins,
    That's all you made me to be, a song with no rhymes.

    But if only things were different, I'd be known for all that I am,
    If only the brown would go away, there would be life long exam!

    If only there was the pretty face the brown eyes,
    The white skin,
    There would be no lies.


  • rachana_prabhat 13w

    भीड़ में अकेले रह जाते हैं कभी,
    खुद को संभाल तो खुद से घबरा जाते हैं कभी।
    यूं जश्नों जहां की दुनिया में रंगों के करीब,
    सफेद चूनर ओढ़ खुद में कुछ दाग दिख जाते हैं कभी।
    शोर में झूमती नाचती ज़िन्दगी के फकीर,
    एकांत में खुद को पा जाते हैं कभी।
    अश्कों पर वो कल के सपने लिए,
    आंखों को साजिशों के बीच से छीन लाते हैं कभी।
    हाथ छोड़ आगे बढ़ गए सब ना जाने कब,
    हाथों में लकीरों से नसीब चुरा लाते हैं कभी।
    खुद को संभाल तो खुद से घबरा जाते हैं कभी।


  • rachana_prabhat 15w

    मेरे अश्क मेरे नज़्म मेरे नग्मात,
    मेरे करीब आ, जख्मी कर गया मेरे जज़्बात।