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  • rachhu 2w


    The Only Warm Place in this Wise World.


  • rachhu 11w


    The ocean has blessings to shower you..You must ask for what you really want.

  • rachhu 13w

    #Full Moon Wishlist

    From this Auspicious Full moon day...I wish, There is No more Negative thoughts for you and for me.. There is no more Sleepless nights for you and for me.. There is no more Undeserved feelings for you and for me.. There is no more Guilt feelings for you and for me.. There is no more chasing towards life for you and for me.. There is no more self doubts for you and for me.. There is no more validation from others for you and for me..And A Very Biggg YES to lot of positivity, Understanding,Joy, confidence,Peacefulness, Strength and Success for you and for me

  • rachhu 37w

    Just wanna be true to myself and I don't mind,if it is a shame on.Let it, till the time allows.


  • rachhu 37w


    He Maybe Silent with her,but the memory of his soft tone speaks everyday.

  • rachhu 41w

    The Window Moment

    A girl to her window, where is my Man?
    The one whom I used to watch through you daily,
    The one who always make sure the well being of me,
    The one whose charming face is not less equal to the most peaceful fullmoon till now,
    The one whose smile is as bright as a beautiful sunshine,
    The one whose voice feels like a favourite song with earphones on a long boring journey,
    The one whose odour melts me like a Creamy ice on a hot summer day,
    The one whose presence enough can make me feel like a butterfly park in my belly,
    Where is he? How can he forget you and forget me? How can he pass like that without noticing you and noticing me?I want him back with the same window moment, which the three of us used to.

  • rachhu 65w


    One says that, beautiful journey is important than a beautiful destination.
    And the other believes that, beautiful journey may leads to beautiful destination.
    But the truth is,only the Supreme know the destination of both.

  • rachhu 68w

    Don't go back to the lost,
    "You will not be the same again".

  • rachhu 89w

    Dear Dad,
    Please do Protect us with your true blessings, we don't want to pretend anymore when it's all unclear.

    We smiled through the darkest of hours through the tears and fears and I'm worrying that why are you not getting any sensation.

    We truly missing the real strength ,need of protection is being a heartsore crave for years.Please do care,you were the only one who can.

    Happy father's day and we are truly missing your presence

  • rachhu 97w

    #Rain Drop#

    Some disconnections do unlocks our blessings.