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    Section 201-Punishment for deliberate omission to preserve evidences in poisoning case

    Section 202-Punishment for concealing facts in a poisoning case

    Section 294-Punishment for exhibitionism

    Section 297-Punishment of necrophilia and necrophagia

    Section 497-Punishment of adultery

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    Section 44-Definition of injury

    Section 84-Defense for insanity

    Section 175-Obligation of doctor to give all information about a poisoning case to police

    Section 176-Punishment for failure by doctor to report a case of poisoning to the police

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    Causes Gray Baby Syndrome in neonates if given in late pregnancy

    Causes foetal ototoxity

    Chances of cholestatic jaundice in mother. It is not teratogenic.

    Note*-Beta lactams are safe in pregnancy

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    Can cause kernicterus and jaundice in the neonate if given in late pregnancy.

    Inhibit folate synthesis which can cause neural tube defects in the foetus.

    Can cause tendonitis and tendon rupture and affects cartilage development in foetus.

    Causes bone and dentition problems as it forms chelating complexes with calcium

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    Section 191-Definition of perjury

    Section 193-Punishment for perjury

    Section 197-Causing disappearance of evidence

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    Section 269-Negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life.

    Section 270-Intentional act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life.

    Section 509-word,gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of woman.
    (Staring for more than /equal to 14 seconds is considered an offence)

    Section 510-Misconduct following consumption of alcohol.

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    Section 361-Definition of kidnap
    Section 363-Punishment for kinapping

    Section 362-Definition of abduction

    (Kidnapping-A boy less than 16 yrs or a girl less than 18 yrs is taken away from parents/guardian.
    Abduction-A boy greater than 16 yrs or a girl greater than 18 yrs is confined in a place)

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    Section 354 IPC deals with indecent assault.

    Section 354A-Sexual harrassment
    Section 354B-Disrobing a female
    Section 354C-Vouyerism
    Section 354D-Stalking

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    Legal protection to RMP

    Section 87-Deals with act not intended and not known to be likely to cause death or griveous hurt done with consent.For giving consent age should be more than 18 yrs.

    Section 88-Deals with act not intended to cause death done by consent in good faith for patient's benefit.

    Section 89-Deals with act done in good faith for benefit of child (less than 12 yrs of age) or insane person by consent of guardian.

    Section 90-Consent taken under fear or misconception is not considered as valid consent.

    Section 92-Act done in good faith for benefit of a person without consent.

    Action 93-Deals with privileged communication

    Section 351-Examination of patient without content amounts to assault.

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    Section 375-Definition of rape

    Section 376A-Punishment of rape

    Section 377-Punishment for performing unnatural sexual acts without consent or on animals