21 take life as it comes, afterall its all almighty's plan

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  • raeema 11w

    Along the birds that i want to join,
    With the saudade of joy inside,
    giveaway the pain infinitely,
    As i breathe from the top,
    With the surrounded magical air,
    To make my heart feel all fair,
    And Fly down again with them,
    Peacefully and patiently,
    Them to the world of trees,
    And me to the world of dreams.

  • raeema 13w

    not again that i want to fall,
    even if its all good feel that gives,
    like the petrichor thats left behind,
    And i beg my heart,
    not to do so again,
    as it still doest get the point,
    nothing has ever worked,
    even if the same came,
    it was just the mind overstrained,
    thinking all over again and again,
    i want it to smoothly lay,
    to get tied all tight,
    to not do it again,
    of all this repetition,
    nothing goes in or out,
    i wish it all hard,
    if heart was not fond of love!

  • raeema 13w

    why do the hands of happiness hesitate to embrace her for a longer period?

  • raeema 16w

    so much welling up inside,
    yet not so identifiable,
    why is it so hard to find the weeds,
    from the bundle of these budded seeds.

    a battle goes on within,
    a team of my own plays,
    the very two dears- mind and heart,
    just fighting for some untraceable

    the tears are in so queue,
    but not yet ready to flow,
    as it cant find the reason,
    and so i cant find the solution

    the whole is of black covered,
    maybe the absence of colours,
    even some ligt shades are all fine,
    for the survival of this soul.

  • raeema 17w

    In a misty early morning,
    I walk with the charming,
    These pure droplets in the air,
    Thats all caught like me,
    Between the pine woods,
    That stood line by line,
    The whole of the scene scented,
    As the heat inside slowly flew,
    Got trapped with the mist
    And i slowly felt light.

  • raeema 17w

    A Bad Memory

    She was a child,
    When a memory got stuck in so wild,
    Little she had no idea,
    What a bad man looked like.

    He came closer to her,
    Talking a language unknown to her,
    Little she had no idea,
    How fake words sounded like.

    He came more closer to her,
    Her body turned cold with shiver,
    He held her mouth tightly,
    Making her feel breathlessly.

    She couldn't shout,
    As no sound came so loud,
    She prayed inside,
    For someone to rescue her out.

    A good man just came away,
    He just ran away,
    But not from her mind,
    Will remain a bad memory so wild.

  • raeema 17w

    You stare at me morning and night,
    Of this eternal in blue and white,
    Thinking the paradise resides above me,
    to meet the Lord and have a talk,
    pluck some favourites and jump down,
    From the garden of infinity above.

    i envy the way you wonder,
    seeing me as a point of hope,
    making me a part of you,
    uttering'sky is the limit' and just moving on.

    i look down to you,
    through my balls of sun and moon,
    splashing some light on you,
    As your mood swings down,
    to make you see me and the world.

    you stare at me with your heart,
    wanting to steal my twinkles at night,
    store it in your previous box of gems,
    but i see your shimmering eyes,
    with the reflection of mine.

    I sense your thoughts to fly,
    With these flock of birds in aloft,
    Enjoying the cold wind flow,
    And I want you to fly too,
    Put on the wings and come to me,
    With the good thoughts of yours.

    #skyc @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Personified sky

  • raeema 18w

    Its aching so terribly oh humans,
    Called mankind but no so kind,
    The selfish and corruption minds,
    Why are your looks so dirty,
    Glancing this poor and innocent eyes,
    With bricks on head and in heart,
    Why do you treat the way so bad,
    When i have not done so back,
    Why do you look down on me,
    When i have only looked up to you,
    In hope to get a hand in help,
    Why do you curse me worse,
    When i havenot even uttered a single word to oppose,
    Why dont you understand the dilemma i am in,
    Yearning for friends but no one wants to be one,
    Want to read fantasies but nothing known,
    Why dont you really understand,
    Its not my mistake the way i was born,
    With no penny in my pocket,
    With no respect seeking point in my shoulders,
    With no beauty outside that catches your greedy eyes,
    Nothing do i own than my tears and misfortunes ,
    The well of tears might be emptied soon,
    As its been flowing since the beginning,
    All these i say to you violently in silence,
    As its all zipped and given a tag,
    The suppressed need not talk,but only listen.

  • raeema 18w

    Sometimes it feels so empty
    Like the last air has been vacuumed out of the atmosphere

  • raeema 18w

    She is sitting and knitting,
    Trying to make a heart,
    To bring in a beautiful piece,
    With a thread in blood red,
    Adding some rainbow beads,
    To make it look decorative,
    She is just all trying,
    To beautify whats broken inside.