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  • rahuldas98 4w



    (A dot is enough to express a full silent paragraph ..)


  • rahuldas98 10w

    This shall too pass

    This shall too pass,
    The shady moments,
    The purplexed conditions
    Are returning again and again ....

    Life is changing from
    One orbit to another,
    Phrases are being diluted,
    Memories are faded like
    The shadowy winter evening
    This shall too pass..

    The art of heart
    Will again come to live
    Once again it will hit the peak,
    The moment,
    That I am in,
    This shall too pass.


  • rahuldas98 11w


    I was walking down the lane
    was singing in my mind
    Suddenly, a small wind
    just passed by

    I never got fear
    I walked and walked
    But wait,
    I am again where I started!!!
    How that's possible?

    I again thought and started again
    I saw a vendor nearby
    But previously I saw none,
    I went, asked him, where the road ends?
    He answered,
    "It ends where your time ends"....

    I ran and ran
    But the never ending road again
    took me to the vendor
    I was thinking of my time end

    Suddenly I got shivered
    A hand on my shoulder !!!
    "wake up boy!! It's 11 morning"

  • rahuldas98 11w

    Is there anybody else?

    Through the roads of "Humpty Sklitz"
    Who else is walking?
    Can you feel that?

    No body is there
    But a deep shivering,
    a sudden shadow
    Oh it must be for that tree!!
    But where's the tree?

    It must be my imagination?
    But what's that sound?
    Oh it must be the car that just passed by!!!
    But where's the car?
    It's a lonely street..
    Only I am...

    Is there anybody else?
    Oh it must be my imagination
    Suddenly I got an answer,


  • rahuldas98 11w


    Down the petals of tulip
    there is a drop,
    Is it trying to touch
    The high flying crop?

    Above the cloud in skies
    Is the painter is painting
    Through it's brushes
    Touching the stars and planets?

    On the wall nearby
    Is that a cat
    by its hands trying to fly
    to pretend to be bat?

    The answer is there
    if we can touch the moments,
    Through the eyes,
    If we can enjoy the moments
    With a warm, soft and gentle "touch"...


  • rahuldas98 11w

    You Won, I Lost !

    Yes, though I am successful,
    But I lost,

    Yes, I need to do that
    I did that
    And you accepted, this I wanted...

    Wrong was I ,
    That I did all those,
    To keep you separated from me
    But yes,
    Separation was necessary,

    You will understand,
    Far away in time,
    Taking a cup of coffee in your hand
    And imagining me to be the steam..
    It will give you warmth,
    But take it slowly,
    It may burn you...
    But I never would thought to do so,
    Better I become cold (forever)....

    I am quitting from this battle,
    No more challange,
    Though I won, but I lost.
    Though you lost, but you won..


  • rahuldas98 11w

    Parallel world ❤️

    I want to hold you,
    To live the moments that you make,
    I want to take you,
    To a parallel world
    Where there is no restriction,
    We are free to be close.
    So close that even
    We can hear our heartbeats...

    I will challenge you
    Who will become the most naughty
    Though I would like to loss the challenge,
    I will make you feel special
    So special that there will be no limitations...

    The moments will be special,
    Let it happen
    What would if we are locked in a room?

    These moments will cherish the thoughts
    To love or to be loved!!! ❤️


  • rahuldas98 12w


    Have you ever seen a rain drop,
    Falling down to
    Kiss the earth?

    Have you ever seen a bird,
    Flying high to
    Kiss the cloud in sky?

    Have you ever seen a sea
    Going far beyond to
    Kiss the sky in horizon?

    Like that,
    I never have felt the warmth ..
    Though I want to feel,
    I want to feel
    like the rain, bird or sky...
    I want to kiss you
    That even not possible
    Though in imagination,
    I will try... ❤️


  • rahuldas98 12w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Obsession

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    For some love is an obsession...

  • rahuldas98 12w

    Life Vs Death

    In searching for the best life in whole life, we eventually be nearer to the death