Data Scientist by passion; Poet and Artist by hobby; Traveller by heart

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  • rahuls5 2w

    Letter to Spring

    I blossomed in the cold chilled wind,
    I kept my last warmth for the spring.
    Auspicious rain in the late wintertime,
    Expose me from the dirt of dry winter.
    I could smell the sweet aroma of soil,
    Now, I'm ready to dance with you, Spring.
    I was waiting so-long for you dear prince,
    Now the bird are singing for us to meet.

  • rahuls5 2w

    I am a sailor

    A brave sailor never pull back
    At the start of the voyage ⛵
    Seeing huge waves on the shore
    Only they avoid the bad weather

    We also need to think like a sailor
    Never fear the strong waves
    Set new goal like a challenge
    Only avoid unfavorable environment

  • rahuls5 3w

    Life of Rose

    Rose, you born to inspire me
    I born to admire and love you
    Unknowingly you have thorns
    Thorns help you to stay safe
    I'll not hurt you by any means
    I'll embrace you with my hand
    My fingers might get pierced
    Red blood make me a true lover

  • rahuls5 4w

    Painful heart

    One whom you give importance and value
    Sometimes just don't feel about your feelings
    Don't even she understand it's true feelings
    Why is it like this? Is it called one sided love?

  • rahuls5 5w

    A winter morning with Hampi

    Revitalizating with a hot cup of tea,
    In the morning surrounded by tree.
    With the surrounding what it brings.
    The feelings to embrace the greens.
    From the green, take the nector apart,
    Blossom the greenery within the heart.

  • rahuls5 6w

    It is the final countdown

    Head need to be sharp enough
    Eyes need to be focused
    Heart full with beliefs
    Stomach full with fuel
    Someone to press the start button
    Someone to pray for safe launch
    We are engineers of our own engine

  • rahuls5 8w

    Till my last breathe

    I will keep giving my everything
    Till my last single breathe
    With my broken wings and heart

  • rahuls5 9w


    The world is full of madness,
    Everyone of us are mad.
    Some are without purpose,
    Some are passionately mad.
    Neither the love bereft of it,
    Nor does the passion without it?
    Earth without love & passion,
    Is a Mars without air and water.

  • rahuls5 10w

    Emptiness = f(Dist,Time)

    The heart fills up with emptiness
    When I start feeling from the heart
    The distance we are apart by
    The time for which we apart for
    Need some oxygen and saline water
    Or more works to be with the flow.

  • rahuls5 12w

    Attitude matters

    I will blossom tomorrow
    I am waiting for my turn.
    I don't want to overtake
    I love my pace and way.