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  • raieee 5w

    You think you are mentally strong to move on and to let go of what left behind.
    But when you hear the melodious voice of hers you melt inside and that wrecking memories hits you with tons full of good old days .
    And you are back to the beginning when you are left apart .
    Life's fucking hard .

  • raieee 9w

    I wish i was an alien .
    I know you dont know what i know and what i meant to deliver you don't know

  • raieee 9w


    Hey lad It's okey to fall
    But why do you always have to fall for a person who ain't gonna fall back for you .
    Am i stupid enough to fall for ?
    Or do the little wrecked heart of mine is stupidly stupid enough to fall ?

  • raieee 9w


    Its easy to say hy
    But its hard to say good bye ,
    To someone who touches your soul with their purest heart.
    You didn't want this to happen may be neither did she .
    A kinda feelings that you are trying to hide .
    You act like a cool to get to know her, realizing at last you are just a fool to be
    Knowingly knowing that you don't deserve the things that you want.
    it's beter to be let it go .
    Strangly stranger for a reason

  • raieee 9w


    May we meet again
    I will meet you there
    Somewhere in the future i will meet you again .
    I promise to put a smile on your face with my nutshell jokes . Not as a stranger but as a long lost friend
    But until then I'll keep on moving on.
    Let's roll till the date.

  • raieee 9w


    I can't create an art by myself
    I copied , i sucessed
    I watch them create
    I do the same
    I'm nothing
    I earn nothing
    My content null
    Mymind is fucked up , it's dull.

  • raieee 12w

    He walks on his own with thoughts he can't help thinking .

  • raieee 14w

    the lost time

    may be you are not the one to blame
    may we left the time behind
    let me hug you for the last time and tell you how much i love you

  • raieee 14w


    you may want a new world for yourself but i simply want a whole new universe for me

  • raieee 49w

    Can i be close to you ?