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  • raina_sia 1w

    Some girls doesn't have the right to dream they live on others orders

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    I asked her about her dream
    She said " I dont have the right to dream."

  • raina_sia 1w

    Her husband loved her dearly. But failed to understand her. He wanted a perfect wife and she was. As time passed she was ill but, he never considered it. Due to her health condition she failed to be a perfect wife. They got divorced......

    After few months it she was found unconscious and it was diagnosed with end stage cancer. All her hope was dead and was waiting for her death.

    One day an unexpected guest came. The one with whom she dreamed to spend her whole life but was separated due to parents. He gave her those flowers which she loved the most.
    His presence made her happy
    She smiled after months
    He held her hands close to his her heart
    Kissed her forehead
    And said
    "I know you still have feelings for me, I was dead without you I can't handle it anymore I want to be with you please marry me"
    She said
    "No No I don't want to be a burden I have only counted breaths left. You had enough pain due to me"
    He "I want to be with you till your death. Remember it was you who promised me that to be only death can separate us but you left me for your parents happiness.

    He asked her parents and they said yes with tears. They asked for his forgiveness.

    She died in his arms

    I'm not able to write it perfectly and I dont know why

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    He begged her father to marry her

    He " Sir she married the person whom you choose but, he left her. I know she has only few days but I want to marry her. I want to be with her till her last breath. If you love your daughter then please say yes"

  • raina_sia 2w

    Zindagi kabhi galat unmeedon se mat jiya kariye.....
    Jab unmeed tutt jaye toh jeene ki vajah hi nahi milti......

  • raina_sia 2w

    We feel blessed
    We are selected by god
    To take care of the needy

  • raina_sia 5w

    Its is better to talk to your self when the most trusted person is not with you... don't trust all....


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    When you feel alone....
    Sit infornt of a mirror and ventilate your feelings
    If you want to cry,
    Then cry......
    It will help you to feel better...

  • raina_sia 5w

    There is light outside her window
    But inside her resides darkness....
    Her smile hides her tears
    Funny nature of her, buries her sorrow...........

    The hope of her life is someone
    Who is her everything.....
    They are connected to each other
    by souls......
    The beautiful relation
    Than any blood relation.......

    The one who made her to realize
    "Life is not leading to darkness and darkness"
    And filled her life with "ray of hope"

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    Life is not leading from darkness and to darkness........

  • raina_sia 6w

    Each person
    Is like a poem
    Everyone can read
    But a few
    Will understand

  • raina_sia 6w

    You can't enjoy happiness
    Without sorrow

  • raina_sia 7w

    Behind those happy faces
    There are hidden emotions

  • raina_sia 7w

    Eyes sometimes
    beautifully fakes