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  • raizynoel 1w

    Serve the Lord with your life

    For whosoever shall save his life shall loose it, but whosoever will loose his life for my sake, the same shall save it

  • raizynoel 9w

    There is one thing and one thing only that men and women should know :
    NO IS NO


  • raizynoel 10w

    Do Not Allow People's Opinion Define Your Authentic Self


  • raizynoel 13w

    The Internal Enemy

    The greatest challenge and obstacle any human will face is;
    Their own DOUBTS
    Their own FEARS; Fear of judgement, Fear of failure, Lack of Belief
    And their Own Conditioned Thoughts.
    Your own thoughts will cause you more pain than any one or anything
    They could be likened to a TERRORIST living in your soul.
    But when you learn to control your mind
    You can direct that internal enemy or voice
    To work for you
    Rather than against you

  • raizynoel 14w

    This feeling i feel in me
    It makes me wanna weep
    It makes me wanna tear
    I know i made a couple of mistakes
    But am only human
    Take down my past
    Pull up my today
    For a brighter tomorrow

  • raizynoel 16w

    Practice the Pause
    Pause before Accusing
    Pause whenever you're
    About to react harshly
    You might avoid saying things
    You'll regret later on

  • raizynoel 17w

    If you got that 1 person that meant alot to you,
    No matter how much you try to fake
    No matter how long it takes
    No matter what had transpired,
    That 1 person still matters

  • raizynoel 17w

    Despite the bond, intimacy and relationship, we all need our space and private time

  • raizynoel 22w

    Certain decisions are made for growth. Its not like we dont care or we're heartless its just a stage of growth, cause certain things and people hold you behind.

  • raizynoel 27w

    Feeling trapped