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  • raj_man 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Insecure

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    She was anxious nervous,I smiled all her insecurities gone

  • raj_man 6w


    Waqt itna kuch bana deta hai
    Jo aapko ban na ho uska waqt nahi milta

  • raj_man 6w

    Bardaasht karna sikh lo itna
    Kisi din gham hi sharma ke aana chodd de

  • raj_man 6w

    Last time

    Just one last time I want to meet you
    Not to show how much I love you, care for you
    But to tell you this meeting can't be our last
    If it is last, I hope this lasts forever

  • raj_man 7w

    Have you loved someone so much that you forget you exist??

    Few mistakes are too beautiful to forget..

  • raj_man 7w


    Peace in pieces, if gathered takes us to ultimate salvation

  • raj_man 7w

    Be better everyday

    Duck bouncer
    Suck knowledge
    Tuck in opportunity
    Chuck negativity
    Fuck destiny
    Cluck success

  • raj_man 7w

    For a soon to be bride

    A man with a pokey nose, who gives you daily laughter dose,
    A bit complexion of dark, light green twinkling eyes with spark
    Rock solid hands and gentle touch, curly hairs stubble and heart with no grudge
    Height to compliment your forehead
    Never leave your hands with loose thread

  • raj_man 7w


    I have seen enough movies where the ladies like to wear shirts of their partners
    I knew my partner would like the same
    So I went and bought 20 different shades of shirts
    Now searching for a partner to wear them

  • raj_man 8w


    Always hear people's story
    Experience is enriching
    We get to learn a lot clealry
    But simply just don't keep following
    Walk your own path, make your mistakes
    Be hero of your victory
    Don't just be afraid of diktats
    Have faith one day you will be somebody's story