Physicist , creative cub, patriot, Artist, script/ Screen play writer ( hobby)

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  • ramyashris 1d

    Experience !

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    Don't care condition

    The don't care condition is not only applied in Digital electronics, but, in life too.
    Don't care the people who hurt you. If you care them, they will still more hurt you.
    You lose at that time and they win !
    Do you want that ?
    Its right to be BUFFALOES at sometimes
    Just keep sharing your smile !

  • ramyashris 2d

    Duty first

    Do your duty first. What is rightfully yours, will come to you. You need not ask for it.

  • ramyashris 3d


    The finer meaning of being Egoistic is Bringing out the Best version of you.
    Its correct to expect yourself to be the Best.
    So, I implicitly say, Ego takes you to the top Notch where you will be Noted Explicitly.
    Ego makes you to DISCOVER YOURSELF.

  • ramyashris 3d

    Look Everywhere

    When God gives you the strength to dream,
    He also gives you the opportunity to fulfill it.
    The opportunities are hidden everywhere.
    We just to search them and utilize them !

  • ramyashris 1w

    Inspired by Bharathiyar

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    Yes we have it

    When we have to Courage to do a wrong deed despite knowing the consequences, then we have the Same COURAGE to say NO to a wrong deed.

  • ramyashris 2w

    We Need Something !

    We need something to live our life to the fullest.
    I think its the Drive nature that we need !
    We need a drive to have a complete life.
    What I call drive, some call it Fire.
    Life without an Aim is useless !
    Yet there is no scale for aim. Aims can be differentiated and not discriminated.
    Life without Dreams and Desires are actually Dangerous. It will be empty.
    If our life is on the pursuit of Something, it serves the purpose of our birth and our birth has meaning !
    Take an Idea and make it an Ideal

  • ramyashris 2w


    Oscillations are needed, even the electron Oscillates always.
    Oscillations make you open minded !
    Oscillations Opens you different doors.
    Orbitals have shape because of the oscillations, so oscillations will definitely shape us too.
    Ensure, your Oscillations should have YOUR natural frequency and let Resonance Occur to increase your Amplitude and the world will see your Enormous Energy !

  • ramyashris 2w

    Basically am a physicist !

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    Mood swing

    Let your mood to swing with YOUR mind frequency and not with others' frequency

  • ramyashris 2w


    Friendship is the only emotion and Feel which doesn't matter Self respect and Ego.

  • ramyashris 3w

    Chill Bro !

    The thing which seems funny or joy for others need not be funny or joyous to us ( me) for I am unique.
    But it doesn't mean that we(I) don't know to enjoy our(my) life.
    I enjoy it Uniquely..