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  • randommusingsonlife 8w

    We meet.
    We part .
    Wat remains is the memory
    Neither sweet nor sour

    Just tears ,a heavy heart and a smile .


  • randommusingsonlife 9w


    O Krishna meghashyama- the dark one
    O nandana yadava gopala- the cow Herder
    O madhusudana murari the killer of the demons

    Navaneeta chora - the thief
    Madana manohara madhava - ever sweet and pleasing
    Vihari - supreme enjoyer

    Partha Sarathi
    Devaki Nandana
    Bala bhadra
    Yashoda vatsala

    No matter the name
    You response all the same

    No ounce more
    No ounce less

    It's pure love for all
    Equal and without any comparision
    Such is your depth
    That the name itself disappears into the ocean

    Blessed are the people who understand you
    The embodiment of egolessness .


  • randommusingsonlife 10w

    Yenno vela kalalu
    Nee chinna kanulalo
    Yenna koti asalu
    Nee chitti gundello

    Kalala vegan lo sagipoku nestama
    Oka sari nilichi nee nelanu chudu

    Kanu reppalu tereuvu o snehama
    Veedipothunna Jeevitha meghalani asvadinchu

    Kshana kshana jaripotunna kshnalu yenneno
    Nilupuko pranama
    Nijanni nee kalalanthaga marchuko

    Teralu thesi chudu nestama.

  • randommusingsonlife 12w

    The first time

    A little scared .. 

    A little excited 

    A little fuzzy

    A little aware 

    The breathing is erratic 

    There is a different smile on the face .. 

    The first time outside comfort zone .. 

    The anticipation

    The anxiety

    The fear 

    The joy 

    The courage 

    The shell 

    All pounding at you at once .. 

    The thrill ... On completion .. 

    A little glimpse into life in its truest potential.. 

    All it takes is the first step .. 

    The beginning.


  • randommusingsonlife 12w

    One side expectations

    You were my world.

    It's like I was the fish holding on to the fishing net .. 

    I was never really caught .. i was hanging in there. 

    Just like a dew drop on the edge of the leaf .. 

    Never really a part of the leaf .. 

    Simply widely apart . 

    It's scary n beautiful .. 

    When the fact hit me.. 

    That your changed status belonged to someone else .. 

    Never was me.

    Now I can let go and swim into the ocean

    Yet There is still a lingering thought .. a question .. 

    Has the dew drop never made even the slightest remark on the leaf ?


  • randommusingsonlife 36w

    Grains of Sand

    Grains of sand flowing in the misty zephyr at dawn
    Know of no destination nor path to follow

    It's a mystery where they came from
    And what they will turn out to be

    Some let the waves of the sea caress them
    While some provide means for life to begin through them

    There are a distinct some that fall into the hands of the master
    Unravelling their uniqueness
    Transforming them in all earnestness

    To make for a piece that the world marvels
    To be glorified for generations to come as a sculpture that mankind adores

    Little did they know where they came from or what they will turn out to be
    With no destination nor a path to follow

    But life is an enigma
    Simply let it flow.


  • randommusingsonlife 49w

    Thunder, lighting and stormy nights in life
    Will happen
    But What is needed is the patience to see the break of dawn.

    Even Krishna was born in the darkest of nights


  • randommusingsonlife 49w

    Each human being is just an opening
    to a space ...
    With no end

  • randommusingsonlife 49w

    You are not part of time.

    You exist in time

  • randommusingsonlife 49w

    You are not part of time.

    You exist in time