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  • ranibattu 15w

    Belong# mirakee word of the day

    Since the time I was born
    I have belonged to others
    Never had the dare to belong to myself
    Despite my soul crying for that
    I never heard it's cries
    My heart yearned to be loved
    My mind telling me all the time,that
    You might belong to everyone
    But no one actually belongs to you
    I could not break the chains
    To be with myself
    Time to leave the world will come
    Sense of belonging to myself,never

  • ranibattu 15w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Oasis

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    My heart_ desert
    Her presence_ oasis

  • ranibattu 15w

    Fridayfun# mirakee# miss# word of the day

    Of all the things I lost
    It's my mind
    I miss the most

  • ranibattu 15w

    Fear# mirakee word of the day

    Fear is the obstacle,that stop us from reaching our goal
    If we conquer our fears and set free our soul
    Nothing and no one can stop us ever
    From doing what is right
    Overcome every fear inside you
    And have a future,sure and bright

  • ranibattu 15w

    Poetry Wednesday# mirakee# monorhyme poem

    Life is funny,life is sad
    It makes u happy,it makes you glad
    It is mostly good and rarely bad
    If you don't enjoy,you are mad
    In poverty it tends to turn,a little tad
    It becomes happy,with a currency wad

  • ranibattu 16w

    Mirakee# eyes# word of the day

    Jhuken to ada,uthen to jalwa
    Band to maut,khuli toh khauf
    Barsen toh badal,dekhen to qatil
    Kya zubaan paayi hai in aankhon ne
    Honth na bhi khulen to keh deti hain sab
    In ke andar ik duniya basti hai
    Aankhon ke bina aduri hasti hai

  • ranibattu 16w

    Galaxies# mirakee word of the day# mirakee

    She said ,"I wish I could visit the galaxies"
    So ,who stops you
    All you need to do is
    To close your eyes
    And let the mind wander
    And the whole universe
    Lies inside you

  • ranibattu 16w

    Kimo# style of the day# mirakee

    The book has been lying on the table halfread , uncared
    She left it at a page when
    Love ceased to exist

  • ranibattu 16w

    Dawn# word of the day# mirakee

    Start at dawn to have 36 hour long day

  • ranibattu 16w

    Tears# word of the day# mirakee

    Tears___ unspoken language of joy and sorrow