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  • raqeebah 7w

    A poem by Abul Ataahiyyah

    Live in comfort as long as you please
    Under the shades of high and wonderful castle

    All that you desire is brought to you
    Quickly, both in the morning and in the evening

    Then when the souls are parting
    Through the breast with a croaking sound

    It is then one comes to know
    I have lived nothing but a life of deception.

  • raqeebah 14w


    You said to befriend
    but it's a pretend

    it was all fun and jaunt
    but you took it as a haunt!

    If wishes were horses
    I would ride like courses
    Our memory, I will burn to arshes.

  • raqeebah 17w

    Poetry, I love

    I'd love to marry a poet
    cos I'm a lover of words
    I fall in love with writtings
    especially those blessed lines
    that reset the thinking faculty.

    I'd love to marry a poet
    He'll correct me with blessed words
    beautify my flaws with endearment
    nurture me with rivers of poetry

    I'd love to marry a poet
    he won't write a line of poem
    without a thought of me
    and thus smile
    knowing my love for words

    I'd love to marry a poet
    For Indeed, the pen is a glorified tool
    honoured by the most High
    cure the menace of the society
    verily, it uses can't be underrated

  • raqeebah 21w


    Oh Allaah
    Onto you I bow in submission
    indeed that is my mission
    on the surface of mother earth
    right from my birth

    Oh Allaah
    On the day of Reckoning
    Let me amoung those that will receive your pardoning.

  • raqeebah 25w


    i tried so hard to let go
    I thought I did,
    not until I feel you were
    taken by another

    my heart hurt
    my chest clutch in despair
    knowing I have lost you

    I feel so sad
    the only option is to cut ties
    and see where our destiny lies

  • raqeebah 27w


    I didn't know I shot
    an arrow of fitna,
    that Pierce your heart
    making it bleed in lust.

    And here...this instant
    I depart
    to a land unknown
    till our destiny is known.

  • raqeebah 27w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Abode

    Read More


    If Loving You is Crime, Jail Should Be My Abode.

  • raqeebah 28w


    I Resided in the ship of ignorance,
    To me, it was the best place ever.
    A market of hypocrisy!

    I was thrown in the sea of loneliness
    Only momma's advice could save
    "Oyeshile, I won't always be there,
    Allah.... Your Lord,
    Our Lord, will always be there."

    Yass! I ran to my Lord, Al-Wadud
    The days of loneliness was over

    I am a manifestation of His Mercy
    Bestow upon me was a gem

    Omotosho Aisha Oluwatofunmi.
    May Allah preserve you upon goodness...Ameen

  • raqeebah 28w

    My twin ❤️

    I pray you get the best of both worlds
    I pray that He keeps you in goodness for me in this world

    And holds us high together in the next world
    Wherever I see you my invaluable

    I'll be proud to say, 'Look there, I've got the best of friends!'

    Never think that you're a bother to me.
    Never think that I don't care about your feelings

    Never think that I don't value you for a second.
    I don't love you to the moon and beyond,

    Because our love was made by He in the seventh heaven. It's not one for this world; it's solely in his hands.

    Oyelowo Roqeebah Oyeshile Omotayo my love
    May Allah never leave you to yourself. Aameen.
    Ameen thumma ameen

  • raqeebah 28w

    Oyeshile got this from Tofunmi

    Till today she looks around endlessly for Aishah
    And tomorrow I'll keep looking deep into her eye sha

    My little, smart, elegant shortico
    I don't know what I did to get you pro bono

    The true path of friendship, I learnt from you
    I can't thank my Lord enough for sending me you

    I pray you become a better servant of Allah
    I pray you live through the struggles and succeed

    I pray you get better in all your endeavours
    You're already the best daughter and friend
    I pray you get better in your best

    I pray you get the best zawj and children
    I pray you become the best wife and mother
    I pray you grow and become the best of what is decreed