i am who i am i dont change the course of my life to please any fucking body

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  • rasaqmicheal 6w


    there are some moment in our life
    moment that can never be forgotten
    a moment that will be remember till the end of time
    your own moment is today
    a moment you have been dreaming of
    a moment you have been yearning for day and night
    my momma once told me that one day you leave this world behind.
    So have a moment that you will always remember
    And today is one of the moment in your life that will never fade away in time cycle..
    specially composed for you WIFEY

  • rasaqmicheal 6w

    I saw him
    dressed in pure white
    his crown was made of star's
    his majestic throne was made with white oceanic stone shining like a diamond in the sky
    I saw him
    he looks domineering
    I saw the peaceful Expression on his face
    his aura was made of faith
    filled with the wishes of the entire world
    his sharpness bring out his Glory and honor
    cherub's singing his praises nonstop
    he looked at the earth from above with love
    suddenly he looked at me AND
    I wanna say something
    buh I ended up saying it in reality
    so sad..

  • rasaqmicheal 7w

    Life is like a flame
    It will hurt you
    Before you can unleash
    Your hidden potential

  • rasaqmicheal 7w

    WHO AM I

    I seek the path of perfection
    buh I was lost on the path of mistake
    I seek the dao of goodness
    I was pull into the deep abyss of evil
    I seek the way of life
    I was caged inside the house of death
    who am I
    I am me
    born when life was in chaos
    born when life was nonexistent
    born when life was full of mistakes

  • rasaqmicheal 11w

    Be who you are
    Love who you are
    Trust me
    They all gonna love who you become


  • rasaqmicheal 11w

    You break a record does not mean you make a record


  • rasaqmicheal 11w

    If life give you a reason to give up give life a reason to persist