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  • rashenree 3d

    Seek ye to Spiritually Awaken...
    For the answers you seek
    have never been without

    And the Happiness you crave
    will come to you,
    when you set out on a voyage
    to experience the depths
    of your own Beautiful Soul


  • rashenree 2w

    Being different is hard
    But different people
    Make a different difference


  • rashenree 3w

    Tides rise and tides fall
    Days come and nights fall
    Emotions lower and feelings grow tall

    But there is a river, a river unseen
    It flows steady like a stream without seam
    Its voice is silent but not hard to stream
    Its impulse is ethereal yet easy to be seen

    When you hear it, when you feel it
    Then you follow it, then it follows you
    Tides will rise but you'll not notice
    Nights will fall but you'll still be shinning

    When you hear it, when you feel it
    Then you follow it, then it follows you
    And wherever it's going, you will only be eager

    Then you will sit back and relax
    And it will be only it that flows, that you follow
    The flow that follows one who follows its flow

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    The flow that follows
    One who follows its flow


  • rashenree 3w

    A stranger came and left

    Arrived amidst the night, but only day she left

    Left during the night, but only day she left



  • rashenree 4w

    May all of life rise from the ashes of our pain

    Just as we've known being down, may we now learn to fly

    Just as we've known hate, may we now and forever Know Love

    Happy New Year


  • rashenree 4w

    It is only from where you are that you can get to wherever you are going
    Appreciate where you are
    Appreciate who you are


  • rashenree 5w

    Do you enjoy reading fiction. How about fiction fused in with some poetry.
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    To every beginning there is an end
    Yet sometimes the end tends to bend
    And instead of ending, it begins again to end



  • rashenree 6w

    Falling in love is old and frankly backward
    When you're falling like rain
    You're headed nowhere but down

    I want to rise
    I want to rise in love with you


  • rashenree 8w

    Words bled in the ocean of his sorrow

    Droplets red of disappointment grown hollow

    His thoughts heavy akin clouds they couldn't to the ground not follow

    The pen in his arm drying from overflowing, wishing another's he could borrow

    His ocean full to the brim overwhelming this soul solo


  • rashenree 8w

    Amazing prompt @writersbay

    Here's my take on it.

    Words used : bouquet, blossom, nebula, rooftop, chilly

    @writersbay #pod #writersbay #bingoc @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    In the rooftop of my mind, the rooftop that is my mind.. Lies a garden

    A birthplace of little stars I call Poetry

    It's an interesting place to be in.. this vast nebula of creative possibility

    Interesting because sometimes it's warm and cozy in there yet other times it gets chilly and cold

    The stars born here are sometimes out of beauty and peace while other times they are forged out of deep despair and pain

    Then there are those times when their birth is as a mixture of the two. The blending of beauty and pain. The merging of expectations and disappointments.
    These are, to be perfectly honest, my favorite stars

    Some of my stars will blossom out in bouquets of lines while others are done justice by a word or two

    Regardless, however, of how they are born or out of what they are crafted... All my stars have this in common

    They tell me to myself