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  • rashmi_jha 2h

    #cees_death_chall #writerstolli #poetry

    Seraphic: Angelic, resembling a seraph or seraphim.
    Beatific: Feeling or expressing a blissful happiness.
    Behemoth: A huge or monstrous creature.

    In the memory of a loved one..

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    Death-The ultimate enigma

    A seraphic beauty that she was.
    A beatific smile she always had.
    But her soul was tormented,
    afflicted with pain,
    she tied a noose around her neck
    & bid adieu to all of us.
    Death becomes her as she
    slept peacefully for now she had
    finally kissed the ghastly behemoth
    lurking in the darkness,
    under a hooded veil.


  • rashmi_jha 1d

    Mr. Werido has got a temper!

    The expression my husband wears when in a bad mood.

  • rashmi_jha 1d

    She is
    a delightful chaos,
    a gorgeous mess,
    a beautiful mosaic of broken pieces,
    a tempestuous force of nature,
    a regal princess warrior &
    a magnificent hell of a woman.

    She sometimes is
    reticent & taciturn.
    But she can be
    candid and outgoing too.

    She has
    a child like innocence & playfulness
    in one realm of her personality & maturity
    In another.

    She is perfect in her imperfections & her imperfections make her beautiful.
    She has an aura that can put even the brightest of the bright stars to shame.

    #thoughts #inspiration #womenpower #cees_wp_chall #writerstolli

    Elle-It means 'she' in french.
    Reticent-not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily.
    Taciturn-(of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.

    January 24 is celebrated as National Girl Child Day in India.
    I dedicate this post of mine as a mark of respect to every girl living or (murdered/killed as result of female foeticide or other gender related crimes) in India.

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    Elle (She)

    She is perfect in her imperfections & her imperfections make her beautiful.
    She has an aura that can put even the brightest of the bright stars to shame.


  • rashmi_jha 2d

    Not sure whether its sarcastic or not.

    #sarcastic_wt #writerstolli

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    Meh! Kinda misfit & rebel.
    Damn stubborn at times &
    quite headstrong. Full of flaws yet
    sometimes gentle & soft.
    But its my flaws that
    make me 'Meh'.
    Not cool I know..
    But I'm just like that..
    I don't let
    Other's define
    Coz I love being
    My own

  • rashmi_jha 2d

    A post for my little princess warrior. My younger one is going to begin a new chapter of her life today . Today was her very first day at school.

    #thoughts #inspiration

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    समय के तू रथ पे चढ़
    कठिनायों से निर्भीक लड़
    जीवन की राह पर तू आगे बढ़
    बढ़ती ही चल, हो अग्रसर |
    मार्ग गर हो जटिल
    पथरीला या काटो भरा
    भयभीत ना तू हो मगर
    हो निडर तू आगे बढ़
    साहस के दम पर बढ़ती ही चल
    निरंतर तू आगे बढ़, हो अग्रसर |


  • rashmi_jha 3d

    A hay(na)ku poem.

    I am a fervent scribbler. Writing gives me solace. Reading is my elysian retreat. I think words work like magic.. they can hurt but they can heal too.
    I am a crazy logomaniac. My ardor, my zeal for writing..maybe that's my individuality.. my uniqueness.

    #uniqueness_wt #writerstolli

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    Poesy-my enamour

    A magical
    Interplay-(of)-myraid emotions.

    I love Scribbling,

  • rashmi_jha 4d

    Q: Have you ever met your doppelganger or have you heard from someone known?

    Today write your reaction if you were to meet your doppelganger or one says that they have seen someone like you or a desire to meet one.

    Today's challenge by writerstolli.

    A: I haven't had the opportunity to meet my doppelganger yet..
    But twice or thrice hitherto, it has happened that I have met people & some of them have told me that someone they know or have met, looks exactly like me.

    I like the idea of meeting my look alike someday..but if it so happens, how will I react? Whether it will be a happy happenstance or will I be creeped out, that is something that i'll have to see about when i'll really get to meet her.

    Yep but very often I end up hearing that my elder daughter is my spitting image, that she very strongly resembles me.
    And I just love to hear this particular compliment. It really gladdens my heart. After all she is her mamma's girl.. that's why such a strong resemblance.

    #doppelganger_wt #writerstolli

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    Whenever I"ll meet my doppelganger
    I intend to greet her in a docile manner.

    Will it be a happy happenstance
    Or more of a creepy coincidence?


  • rashmi_jha 5d

    Devil's son - born, christened Damien Thorn.
    Raised by 'The Thorn's' as-foster son.
    No one knew his origin.
    He too was in the dark.
    A raven-his guard.
    Dark-his forces.
    Coz He

    #horror_wt #writerstolli

    A nonet poem- my submission for today's challenge by writerstolli.

    The nonet is a 9-line poem whose syllables trickle down in descending order until they are done. The first line has nine syllables and the last line has one.

    The titular character of my poem is 'Damien Thorn' (who actually is the Satan/Devil's son-
    the Antichrist himself) from the book 'Damein Omen-II', by author Joseph Howard from the 'Omen' book series.

    The book is a novelization of the film (a 1978 American-British supernatural horror film) of the same name.

    Lucifer is another name of the Devil. It is believed that the Devil was once a beautiful angel named Lucifer who defied God and fell from grace, thus becoming the Satan(evil)- nemesis of good.

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    The Devil's son


  • rashmi_jha 5d


    In this life full of miseries, your smile is the only thing that gladdens my heart.

    (Actually this post is for my beloved daughters)

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    इस गमगीन सी ज़िन्दगी में
    बस एक तेरी मुस्कुराहट ही है
    जो मेरे दिल को गुलज़ार करती है |


  • rashmi_jha 1w

    #alliteration_wt #writerstolli

    An alliteration poem (L) for my lil girls (aged 5 & 3).

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    Lollipop love.

    My little love, loves lollipops,
    licks it lovingly but losing it makes her loony.