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  • ravinachoudhary 32w

    Don't let the flowers in you wither
    If she failed to water them.

    Let me be the one.

    I'll be the brightest sun
    and with my all light and love.
    I will make them bloom again
    in the garden of your heart.

  • ravinachoudhary 35w

    Asking too much? Maybe.

    #ceesreposts #pod

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    I asking for a love without any analogies
    Or apologies or doubting conversation

    One that doesn't need to bring me flowers every day
    But whose words are just as sweet as their scent

    I don't wish for a love that leaves me speechless
    and breathless every second of every day

    Yet one where he can find the words
    That have been lost to me and bring new air
    Into my room without opening a window


  • ravinachoudhary 36w

    in an effort to convince myself
    i was brave
    i once wrote that, it takes great strength
    to feel so deeply
    and not aspire to repression

    still, i wonder why i continue to cry
    and expect to become the ocean
    when i've always preferred
    the soundness of the mountains
    to the vulnerability of sea

  • ravinachoudhary 36w


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    On the day we met he said I am beautiful,
    He loves me.
    He says I make drama a lot,
    He loves me not.
    He hold my hand and says he's what I need,
    He loves me.
    We fight and his voice is louder than my love,
    He loves me not.
    He apologises with his hand around my body,
    He loves me.
    He promises the world and then says he just forgot,
    He loves me not.
    He makes new promises and says I need to believe,
    He loves me.
    He makes mistakes and find excuses if he gets caught,
    He loves me not.
    But he said sorry,
    He loves me.
    Doesn't he ?
    He loves my body,
    But he loves me not.

  • ravinachoudhary 37w

    I feel the presence of love very strongly,
    I feel the absence of love even very strongly,
    the two combination is, perhaps, the most dangerous of all.
    I don't know what to believe anymore.

  • ravinachoudhary 37w

    Pawan ji and I decided to collab again on topic "नाराजगी"
    I hope you all will love it.. !! ��♥️

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    किस सोच से वो बेवजह नाराज है,
    अब इस दिल को क्या समझाऊं क्यू वो बेआवाज़ है ।
    मैंने तो दुआ मांगी थी खुदा से ये सोच कर की,
    उसकी हर खुशी की वजह बनु मैं ।
    और वो है कि मार कर मेरे अरमानों को,
    बैठा चुप चाप है ।


    तेरे इश्क से ज्यादा हम तो, तेरी सादगी पर मरते हैं,
    डरते नहीं हैं मौत से भी, पर तेरी नाराजगी से डरते हैं।

  • ravinachoudhary 39w

    I want to make you happy
    But I don't know if I can
    I don't know that there's
    enough of me
    for enough of you.

  • ravinachoudhary 39w

    She may be
    for all your darkness.

  • ravinachoudhary 39w

    ये तेरी मोहब्बत का ही है असर
    आजकल रात को मुस्कुराहट लेके सोती हूं ।

  • ravinachoudhary 39w

    Most beautiful compliment I received..
    "It must have been a rainy day when you were born because the heavens were crying because it lost its most beautiful angel."

    I love this compliment because... that was a rainy day.
    My dadi always told me stories of my birth..
    On 27th of August in afternoon around 12:40 there was raining and the girl was born.
    Her name is Varsha later when she start going school her name was changed to ravina.